Friday, February 06, 2009

why i don't dress warm.

i'm tired of people yelling at me to put on a jacket. or to wear something warm. just like i'm sure they're tired of hearing me yell "brrrrrrrrrr" everytime i walk outside. i know, if i had something warm on, then i wouldn't be saying brrr. i get it.

but i just wanted to announce to the world that the reason i don't wear jackets, or warm things (most of the time) is because I HATE SLEEVES. i hate having things on my arms. unless they are really baggy and loose... i don't like feeling like i don't have freedom.... like i can't move. i don't like the feeling of having things restricting me... or confining me. (i'm sure somewhere a psychologist is having a field day with this analogy).

but it's totally true. it's the same reason why i can't ever wear socks to bed (ew) or pants in bed. i hate the feeling of everything getting all tangled up and wrapped around my legs. i end up feeling like my legs are choking. i sleep in a tank top and boxer shorts. anything else will drive me crazy. hell, i can barely stand to have sheets on the bed. cause they are always super tight at the end of the bed where they are tucked in- and i hate that feeling of being restricted and not being able to move my feet around freely.

omg, can you tell i have restriction issues?! ha! so, what weird issue do you have? you know you have SOMETHING that's crazy like me. right?


Isabel Kallman said...

i am you.

i am always in a sleeveless tank by J.Crew or something.

And! I don't have a top sheet on my bed for exactly the same reason.

Instead, I just sleep with a soft duvet cover.

Hello, twin.

Sprite's Keeper said...

My husband is the one with the issue. He comes home, takes his shoes off, and for some reason, his left foot always loses it's sock while the right foot is still incased. It drives me mad, mostly because one sock goes into the hamper while it's twin remains in the wilds of the unknown, or his office. Every weekend, I make him retrieve five or six stragglers.

SUEB0B said...

I like being all wrapped up. Where you feel it as being restricted, to me it is comforting.

My issues? OMG there is not enough room. But one is having necklaces touch the base of my throat. Short necklaces make me feel like I am choking!

And if there were some way to always wear socks without looking like a dork, I would. I love wool socks.

Alison said...

I don't wear close-toed shoes EVER. You heard me. NEVER. I wear my Reef flip-flops after work and on the weekend and slip-on open-toed shoes to work. Every day, rain or shine. I hate having something around my heel. I think it was all those years of skiing and my freaking feet freezing in those effing uncomfortable boots. No thank you. :) (And by the way, I work out barefoot. Yes. I do.)

NGS said...

Cotton. Cotton balls. Cotton swabs. Cotton towels. Just. No. The feel, the squeakiness, the awfulness. I can't do it.

I try to wear natural fabrics because my darling husband likes it better, but I HATE cotton. With a passion.

The fabric of our lives my ass.

Miss Yvonne said...

Wow, I am exactly the same with jackets. And pants in bed...yuck!

Tara said...

I am the same way with the sheets, the socks and pants to bed. However, living in the Great White North, sleeves are mandatory! If there is a sheet on the bed, I have to untuck it from the sides and the bottom before ever getting into bed. Its a must!

M said...

I think we might be related! Pants and socks to bed? Good God- no!!! Bedsheets? Ugh! I'm okay with sleeves, but I live in the frozen tundra so sleeves are a must 6-7 months out of the year!

Chris O said...

Hey California Girl! It's cold in the great er, green north. I wear layers so I get free if I need to. I can't wear PJs. I'm a short nightie girl with breathing room underneath. I love to sleep in a tangle of sheets where as Radiator man has to have the sheets tucked and smoothed so not a wrinkle comes his way. I once put a popcorn kernel under his side of the mattress pad. He didn't sleep for 3 nights before he torn apart the bed. he he he

Delusional Girl Ruby Soho said...

I don't sleep with a top sheet. And if I'm at a hotel or somewhere, I untuck the sheet. I can't stand sharing a blanket either. Perhaps it's because I've been alone a while now, but there are two twin comforters on my bed. One for me, one for the kid. And I DON'T share.

Karen said...

I am sort of the opposite of you. I don't like sleeveless shirts or dresses. I feel naked in them.

And I don't like flip flops. I don't like to show my feet to the world.

I guess it is a good thing I don't live in a totally warm climate.

Joe said...

I feel the same way about wearing tight clothes. They drive me absolutely insane.

T. said...

How much time do we have? Because I have a ton of sensory stuff. The weirdest I suppose is that I cannot use a thick-bowled spoon, and will wash a thin-bowled one before I will use a clean thick-bowled spoon. I also don't sleep in anything but a tank top, but truly...I stay warmer that way!