Wednesday, February 04, 2009

this whole working out thing

while i'm trying to eat well... isn't really working out.. well.

okay. i am tracking every single morsel of food that goes into my wonderful mouth via livestrong (the daily plate thing). on the days where i don't work out, i find that it is incredibly easy to be mindful of what i'm eating. i find that i'm very conscious of how i'm eating, and what i can eat, etc. it's totally a no brainer. easy. loves it.

but on the days where i do work out, i freaking eat everything in sight. not necessarily bad things, but it's almost like i can't stop eating cause i'm so freaking hungry all the time. i can eat lunch, but then it's not even an hour later and i'm telling my co-worker that i must eat something or i'll die. i'm not exaggerating either because on the days where i do workout, i consume (per my daily plate) at least an additional 500 calories. at least. it's like working out makes me crazy with hunger. or just crazy.

this is why working out pisses me off. or just one of the many reasons. ha.

ps- i am pretty much at a standstill as far as my actual weight loss goes. but i feel like i look awesome and i almost don't care about these last 10 (or so) pounds. but i will tell you that i was totally right on when i said that working out doesn't help me lose weight. i am totally food based. like a good cake. mmmmmmmmmmm cake.


blanchard said...

This sounds totally normal to me, and isn't a reason not to work out. I think it's a reason to ask yourself WHY you work out, and examine what kind of workouts you do and how much and how often. This confirms that working out is not the best way to lose weight. It's a great way to improve fitness, which can certainly help with weight control, but if the goal of your workouts is weight loss, you may be doing it for the wrong reasons.

Alison said...

Working out should make you hungry. That's why athletes eat constantly. Just make sure you eat the good stuff on those days. All the celery you want! :)

Lisa said...

I hear you girl! I eat everything in site when I workout to.

Cake.... mmmmm.