Friday, February 13, 2009

so, valentine's day is it?

i'm totally a fucking hypocrite when it comes to this day. i realize that it means NOTHING to boyfriend and i. it holds no significance- it's a day someone else is forcing us to pretend matters or our relationship will fall apart. i've always thought valentine's day was stupid.. BUT, i have always recognized it. not a v-day has gone by where i haven't done or gotten boyfriend something. no matter how small.

so last year, after (i think) what was our 5th year of him not giving me shit on valentine's day, i lost it. (holy shit, this post was just about to be an almost word for word rewrite of last years post. i am such a jennster) i told him that it could never happen again. he had to do SOMETHING dammit. nothing major. nothing crazy. don't break the bank, but holy shit- make me feel somewhat important?!? and just get me something small for valentine's day since i do the same for you! i know, difficult concept.

so this year? we're spending valentine's day at the baseball fields! ha! but we are going out to dinner, which will be the first time we've ever done that for valentine's day. ever. god i make our relationship sound like the suck. anyway.. we're also getting massages (thanks ster. .oh, you're welcome ster!) but it's a step in the right direction.. this year dinner, next year diamonds. awesome!

talk to me about your valentine's day! what do you do? do you hate it? love it? think it's fucking lame and pointless and would rather just have sex and shut the hell up already?! spill.


kat said...

i used to HATE valentines day. everyone around me was all warm fuzzy and i was all bitter.

but now i enjoy it but i don't think it should be this big huge deal.

especially this year as the bf and i are having a chinese new year dinner on valentines day...with his family. yup, day of love with his family. fun!

couples massages sound really nice though!

Alison said...

As a mother of two little ones (ages 6 and 4), I feel like Valentine's Day has been taken over by kids. Decorating the shoebox, getting the valentines ready, making sure they're wearing red, etc., etc. Now that the grandparents live locally, we *might* be able to go out to dinner like we did before kids. :)

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I need to get laid. (TMI?) Valentine's itself doesn't mean shit to me, but Briefcase has been out of town for over a week. He gets home late tonight. I need sex.

TeeRish said...

yeah. so...i don't really do much for valentine's day, either, but i really love the idea of it. i mean, i love the dinner and the hearts and the pink & red (i've been wearing fuchsia all week, like i normally do 'cause i'm a total dweeb). but i don't like thinking about how much is spent on flowers (i don't even particularly like roses anyway). i just like the idea of it. i want peonies and ranunculus and blah blah blah. but i don't really do much for him, other than get him something really small (like twizzlers, 'cause he loves 'em). this year, i got a bunch of twizzlers and other candy so we could go to the movies. we'll go to dinner tonight (friday), and then tomorrow we'll make some yummy baked pasta and chocolate souffles and eat by candlelight like nerds.

um. that was a long comment.

Bree said...

I don't hate V-day, but I don't necessarily love it either. I would hope that my hubby knows I love him year round not just once a year. We celebrate it but nothing overboard. I would rather have him do dishes EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR than cook me dinner once!

NGS said...

I bought a card. I put it on the bathroom counter while he was in the shower. We're going to go see a movie. I think I'm going to get some.

I read some of these blogs of parents with little kids and I think, "holy hell, I'm never having kids" AND then I think, "wow! this not real holiday is important if it's the only time half the country is getting any."

So, it's not a HUGE deal around here, but I think it's a good thing if it does reconnect people.

Meg said...

I don't love or hate Valentine's Day. I just don't care. Hubby's birthday is in Feb and mine is in March, so we are usually broke at this time of year anyway. We decided a long time ago to spend the money on birthdays and do nothing for V-Day. I love that because it's less stressful and I don't have to worry about anything. We don't wait in long lines to eat food, we don't spend money on overpriced things, and we get awesome birthdays. So it's just another day to me.

judy in ky said...

I think it's nice, but not a big deal. My husband and I buy each other a card, and we send cards to our closest family members. We go out and have a nice dinner. It's always a place with candlelight, and sometimes they even have rose petals on the table. It's a fun reason to have a really nice dinner and get a little dressed up... kind of a good excuse to have an evening out.

Amo said...

Yeah, I got hosed on v-day. The hubs used to always do sweet little things for me on v-day but would prefice it with, "I do wonderful stuff everyday." Ug.

After we had kids, it really fell off the charts. This year, he did nothing. Which was a bit of a shocker since he also did NOTHING for my birthday (12.11) or Christmas. Yes, CHRISTMAS. I thought that the little 'come-to-Jesus-meeting' we held on Christmas night might remedy his v-day issues. But, alas, I was wrong.

I? Refused to shave my legs in retort.

Elizabeth said...

I bought Chris a card. He bought me two pounds of pistachios when he went BY HIMSELF to do all the grocery shopping. Because he knows how much I love pistachios but that I rarely buy them. So actually, his gift was more thoughtful than mine!

Andie said...

I always cook a nice dinner and we usually chill out at home. No major gifts- just usually cards and/or candy.

I don't think it should be a big deal!

Andie said...

oh, and like Bree- I would LOVE it if scott sometimes cooked ME a big gourmet dinner and did the dishes! LOL

and what Elizabeth's hubby did- totally romantic in my eyes!

Anonymous said...

Neither my girlfriend nor I think V Day is a big deal. I would be content to skip it altogether but she said she wanted *something* so we agreed to exchange cards. Fair enough compromise, I thought. I also bought her a huge-ass box of chocolates. Now, normally, I would think a box o' chocolates is generic and not that thoughtful but my girl is obsessed with chocolate and eats more of it than all y'all put together... so it's actually a nice and personal gift.

- Kristin