Tuesday, February 17, 2009

let's talk 30 day shred

i know a ton of you bitches are doing this 30 day shred thing. let's talk about it cause i have questions. not to mention the fact that my real life girlfriend meg and i wanna do it. wait, that sentence sounds really messed up and nasty. well if you have a dirty mind it does. HA

1- is it worth doing?

2- do you like doing it?

3- do you feel like it's helping or doing ANYTHING for you? ie, have you lost weight OR inches?

4- would you do it again?

5- just talk to me about it.... what you liked, what you didn't, what you think works, what doesn't...

and thanks!!!!! SMOOCH!


Smartass Milf said...

1. Yes, I got my cardio in short bursts which in turn helped me with my sprints.

2. No and yes, Jillian is the devil. Your legs and arms will burn right away, then the abs the next day, in a painful yet good way.

3. Yes, I have lost some weight doing the dvd and my arms are more toned. But I still feel as though she is the devil.

4. I do it every other day.

5. Overall I think the whole DVD is fab but she could def use more time on abs. I do extra ab work because hers just isn't enough to get the results I want.

Smooch back to ya!

Meg said...

I love it. I thought everyone kind of overreacted to Jillian and hating her, though. Her smart-ass comments are just what I need to stay motivated. I started feeling results after only a few days. I still haven't moved past level 1, as I want to be able to completely do it before I move on. I think you should try it.

Kristabella said...

1. Totally worth it.

2. I don't like working out period, but I don't mind this. I love Jillian because she's not one of those annoyingly perky exercise video people. She tells you like it is.

3. When I was doing it frequently, it definitely helped. Also, look at Slynnro's arms to see how well it works.

4. Yes. My problem is I'm LAZY. And I prefer to shove food into my face hole.

5. I love that it is 20 minutes. And you really get a really good work out in 20 minutes. She's not lying when she promises you things. And really, 20 minutes is nothing. We can all find 20 minutes, right?

(I say that because I've been telling myself for weeks that I don't have the 20 minutes to start back up again.)

Motherhood Uncensored said...

I'm starting it on March 2 and doing it for the entire month of March. I was reading Linda (Sundry)'s new blog Bodies in Motivation and one of the writers, Jill, did it. Her results were nuts and she didn't starve herself or whatever.

Momma to LG said...

I love it. It kicks my ass. I have lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks although I am also doing weight watchers. My arms are MUCH smaller and I am looking more toned.

you really gotta do it every day but it is only 27 min!

Alison said...

What happens after 30 days? Do you start over or do something else?

Megaland said...

I'm kinda nervous about starting, only because I feel like such a lop and haven't really worked out in a long time. Being sick hasn't helped much either. But I'm really looking forward to the fact that we can work out in less than 30 mins a day AND have a great workout. I am soooo hoping you see results from this in a short period of time like everyone is saying. I need to get my ass in shape literally.

Christina said...

I'm still only on Level 1, and I love/hate it. If you're not a regular friend with exercise, it'll be hard. After the first day, I couldn't move a muscle comfortably for 4 days.

The second day (done two weeks later) was better, and it's been easier since then. I'm certainly feeling results, and I hope to see results soon. You will likely swear at the TV while doing it, but Jillian knows how to get results.

Jenna said...

I did it for the first time yesterday. I'm more of an all cardio workout so my arms are in much pain today from the push ups and weights. I thought Level 1 was difficult and am going to stay there for a while until I have it mastered. I do have to say that after just one time of doing this my arms already look a tad more defined. I'm using this as a mix up with my regular work outs and am planning on doing this every other day or every three days. Definitely give it a shot!

Christine said...

1- After the first day I thought I was going to die. My arms hurt so bad I could barely lift them. But it's gotten a little easier. Still kicks my butt...which I like.

2- Yes, it's tough, but it's worth it.

3- I feel like it's helping me get stronger.

4- I'm definitely keeping it in my DVD collection to keep on the rotation.

5- I don't do it every day. I do it three times a week. I'm also on the treadmill four times a week. And I go to a Hip Hop Abs workout on Sunday afternoons. I feel like it's a good compliment to my other workouts. Plus it's only 20 minutes (and by ONLY 20 minutes I mean 20 minutes of pain...but in a good way) so it's great to do when you don't have a lot of time.

Stephanie A. said...

I am obsessed with Jillian. I listen to her podcasts and do the shred to supplement my regular workout when it is too cold to get out (or I am too lazy to leave). I despise workout tapes, but hers is great because it is so short and it gets a lot in in that amount of time. I haven't done it consistently enough to say about timeframe for results, etc.