Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i love hollywood

apparently flirty face from yesterday is some big wig hollywood producer. right now i could be living it in up in some high roller's crib and playing at the playboy mansion.

i'm not.

i have also found my new most favorite place in the world to hang out and eat in la. i feel like such a jackass because i've driven by this restaurant at least 1000 times in the past. i always thought they were closed though. at least for lunch. they're not. the food was SO freaking good and the inside is enormous! i don't think they've redecorated since they're hay day, and i totally dig everything about the joint. i don't think i've ever been so in love with a place before (disneyland doesn't count). i just loved the vibe of the place. i could sense the history there. it's like i could feel it. everything about the decor and the bar just took me in. i wouldn't have been surprised if frank sinatra hopped up and started singing. (ok, i might have been a little surprised). i felt like i was in an old mobster movie. and old hipster hangout. it was amazing. i can't believe i never went there before. i can't wait to hang out there all the time when i move back. seriously. i can't rave about this place enough. i hope it never changes. the running joke yesterday was that i'd get to set up shop on the warner bros lot and have all my business lunches at the smokehouse. not a funny joke if you ask me.

<insert sound of heart breaking here>

have i mentioned before how much i love what i do and the talent i get to work with? well, for the record- i do. i really, really do. sometimes i forget how much fun it is to be me. cause really... being me? it's pretty fucking awesome.


Anonymous said...

I still want to know what you do? Whatever it is, it sounds exciting!

Alison said...

I can't believe you've never eaten there. I pretty much grew up eating at that place. Every family function involving my mom's parents took place there. Did you try their garlic bread? Heaven. Also, I have a picture of my mom celebrating her 7th birthday there. 1956. I bet the place looked pretty good back then. :)

jennster said...

i TOTALLY thought about you and your family and figured you guys would go there ALL THE TIME. reminds me of somewhere your grandma would like to go! maybe i have been there before with you guys?!?! all i know is i LOVED it! and yes, teh cheesy garlic bread?! holy shit!

Alison said...

When my grandpa was alive, we would go there for Easter and the Easter bunny always visited our table. That's what I really remember. And, the garlic bread. :)

MelissaMM said...

I never knew they were open for lunch either or they were that yummy. Read the menu and they had me at garlic bread!
Maybe we can meet for lunch next chance you have.

Joe said...

Hold on...a prime rib dinner for $12.95?!? I need to check this place out when I'm out that way next month.

We do get a sense of your awesomeness from the blog, so I naturally assumed that you knew how awesome your life is.