Monday, February 23, 2009

does this sound like a fair trade to you?

blake: "mom, after i'm done reading this diary of a wimpy kid, will you read them all?"

moi: "me? like read all 3 of the books??"

blake: "yeah. you read the diary of a wimpy kid books, and i'll read all your twilight books, okay? that sound good?"

uh. not freaking really dude.

what have i done?!? first the cell phone, now edward. i think he just wants to be able to see the movie and he knows if he reads the book, i'll let him see the flick.

WHAT DO I DO?!?!! good lord.


Alison said...

He's in 5th grade? There are a few girls in my husband's 5th grade class that have read Twilight only. Most of my 7th grade girls have read it but there are a few whose parents have said no. I think it's awesome that he wants to read them. If he were mine, I'd probably stall him for take your time reading those Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. :)

Joe said...

If he's willing to go through the hell of reading the Twilight books...