Tuesday, February 10, 2009

dammit chris brown


i am hating all this talk about chris brown and rihanna. i will wait for the WHOLE story to come out, but it's obvious that someone beat the piss outta rihanna saturday night.

i know, i know- why do i care? and why am i shocked? i care because i really like chris brown. i really like his music. and i got blake to like his music. i am shocked because he's always seemed so mellow and chill and non freaking violent. he just seemed like a better person than all of this. and i guess the reality of it is that i never saw this coming. it is so unexpected. especially when he has said things like this in the past:

The 19-year-old performer has spoken out in the past about growing up in a
violent home with an abusive stepfather.
"He made me terrified all the time, terrified like I had to pee on myself. I remember one night he made her nose bleed. I was crying and thinking, ‘I'm just gonna go crazy on him one day...' I hate him to this day," Brown told Giant magazine in 2007.
The R&B star discussed his experience with domestic abuse on Tyra Banks' talk show in 2007.
"It affected me...especially toward women. I treat them differently. Because I don't want to go through the same thing or put a woman through the same thing that that person put my mom through."

it just reminds me of the whole kobe bryant rape thing. and if it all comesout that chris brown is a crazy mo fo who beat the living piss outta rihanna, i
can't support him. i can't buy anymore of his albums. and i can't let blake like
or think a girl beater is totally awesome.



why do you put me in this situation?! just beat up yourself and then no one will have to stop liking you! i really wish that i could say it's all a misunderstanding. i wish that it wouldn't be him who hit her. or i wish there was someway all of this could be explained in a way that doesn't make chris brown a piece of shit...... i guess time will tell.


NGS said...

I'm interested in the people who are saying that this is the end of Chris Brown's career. Really? Kobe Bryant admitting to rape didn't ruin his career. It's interesting...in a non fun way.

Gini said...

Gosh, I feel the same way you do. I would have never thought this of him.....dammit if it is true. I like you, will wait for the whole story...dang it doesn't look good though does it?

Alison said...

I haven't heard about this at all. That's too bad though. If he turns out to be guilty, well, he made the decision to do this, but it all goes back to his stepfather (if that story is true).

Joe said...

If it's true - and early indications are that it is - then I agree that it would be tough to support him. Interesting that he seems to have actually gained credibility in some circles - with people going so far as to blame her for making him do it.

That said, growing up in an abusive household does lead to some complex psychological issues that I'm not even near qualified enough to debate. All I'm saying is that he shouldn't get a pass, but if this leads to some much needed counseling on his part then perhaps some good can come of an ugly, ugly situation.

Am I doing okay? said...

I didn't know about his childhood until your post. I guess I know more of her songs than his. But it is a sad mess. FWIW - I think this is worse than the Kobe thing. They're different. (But did Kobe "admit" to rape? I'm going to have to go back and check the facts on that case, because I am fuzzy.)

Jenn said...

I remember this summer when I found out Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies was caught with cocaine. I adore the Barenaked Ladies, infact I just got off a cruise with them.

I remember being crushed by it. I know beating someone up and hurting yourself are two different things. But I remember feeling the same way. Crap, I don't want to buy anymore albums becuase I don't think it's write to support someone drug habit.

But I do think people make mistakes and that people can get help and get better. I know I have made mistakes...

It is crappy when people we admire do crappy stuff though...