Friday, December 05, 2008

why people in the airport suck

there is a guy sitting directly behind me right now. he is on the phone. he is talking about how sick he is and how sick he has been. "it started with a fever and a sore throat and went from there...." his son has it now too. his son is also behnd me. he is turned around so that he is facing my direction. don't ask me y. he probably wants to breath all over me and give me his gross sckness. listen up assholes, if you are sick in the fucking airport there is no need to announce it okay? keep that shit to yourself. cause i wouldn't care so much that u insist on breathing all over and around me if i didn't know you were dying with some disease. ugh.

carry on.


Issas Crazy World said...

I think you should walk by and accidentally touch him and then go back and sit down and call Point and say, dang it babe, I think I caught your scabies or something. Maybe say the plague.

SUEB0B said...

My co-worker was absolutely amazed when I said I would cancel a vacation flight because I was sick, because I felt responsible to the other 300 ppl cooped up on the plane with me. To me, it seems the only ethical thing to do. Right? Right?

Jenn said...

I agree. Planes are the worst for sick people. Little tubes of recycled air.

Hopefully you didn't catch it.


jennster said...

sueeeeeee- i don't care if you're sick.. i just don't want to know about it! lol

Andie said...

this is how I feel about people with the stomach flu. Seriously why would you hop on a plane or go to work when you've been barfing all day?