Tuesday, December 23, 2008

typical kid, or terrible kid raiser (that's me)

so last night we went to dinner at the in-laws place. we means myself, boyfriend and the spawn of satan- aka, blake. my mother in law always makes these super cute placecards for every holiday type meal we do at their house. she just writes our names on the cards, nothing fancy or anything, but still totally her.

well we're all sitting in our respective places when blake says out of nowhere (and i mean, we've already eaten half our dinner, the name card has been sitting there for him to see and acknowledge for at least half an hour..)

"who wrote my name on this?"

now i'm just assuming he wants to know who wrote his name, right? i have no idea where the kid is going with this.

boyfriend's mom tells him that she wrote it, to which spawn of satan (sos) responds with, "it looks just like my writing."

okkkkkk... whatever. but he doesn't stop. he then follows up with, "it's really sloppy."


of course we all started busting up laughing, but i was horrified and probably beat fucking red.

and blake was like "what? it is."

omg, someone make this kid STOP talking!!

i made blake apologize for being so rude and i tried to explain to him on the way home that there are things we think in our heads, but don't say out loud. i'm not sure he got the concept.

please please tell me that this is just normal 10 year old behavior and i'm raising a total heathen. cause i'm seriously questioning my parenting abilities here.


corrin said...

That doesn't seem so bad! I'm sure I said worse things growing up. Haha.

Redneck Mommy said...

Relax. Normal heathen behaviour that is not reflective upon our parenting abilities.

Or at least that is what I keep telling myself when my children mortify me like that.

Sounds to me you handled it perfectly. Or at least the same way I have (which is perfectly you know.)


Merry Christmas friend.

Issas Crazy World said...

Completely normal. Boys are just that way...from like 8 to um...25ish?

All you can do is tell him when he's being kinda rude and hope it eventually sinks in. My mom used to tell my brothers, I don't need to hear every thought that comes into your head.

But ster, it's not your fault. It's just learning to think before you speak sometimes and kids don't get it. My girls do it all the dang time too.

Kristabella said...

Sounds completely normal to me. And not because it is also something I would do as a 31-year old.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas whore! I mean that in the lovingest way possibly! :)

Heinous said...

Bah, that's nothing... and really, bad handwriting is bad handwriting.

Alison said...

He's just used to your perfect writing. :)

Really, though, this is the way boys are. The other day, one of my students was astounded when he found out I was married (like, holy crap, someone actually married my math teacher???) and another explained to the whole class that the reason I wasn't going anywhere for the holidays was because I was a teacher and you know, teachers are poor. Boys!

Andie said...

nope. you're not a bad mom. it's normal. they do that.

Elizabeth said...

You are a great Mom! but 10 year old boys are missing that 5 second delay between thinking something and actually saying it out loud. They also tend to have really sloppy handwriting :)

Stopped by to say Merry Christmas!!!

J from Ireland said...

Totally normal behaviour for a 10 or even 13 year old boy. Come to think of it, I know a few men who don't know how to use their inside voices. Happy Christmas.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Ha ha!! Laughing cuz ... BEEN THERE. My 13 year old son still says totally inappropriate things like, "What did you do to your hair, it looked better before" and on and on. To all the wrong people of course.

Anissa Mayhew said...

Seriously? My husband is 36 and i don't think he's outgrown that stage yet. It's their natural gig to embarrass the shit out of us.