Friday, December 19, 2008

have kitchen, will bake.

so last night... good lord, last night- i was baking for HOURS. my back hurt. it's hard to stand for that long with the weight that is my ass on me. really! you try it!

so i baked. mostly because today is like the gift giving day in the office, so i wanted to bake for my peeps. and also because stupid skinny ali martell posted this unbelievable peanut butter ball recipe and when i saw them, i had to have them. and so i did. i will tell you that i left out the pecan and didn't use the wax and they came out unbelievable. oh yeah, i cut the recipe in half too and they still made a bazillion and a half. oh yeah, yeah... i also dipped them in white chocolate cause i'm awesome and creative like that.


they're delicious.
for shizzy.
way better than any buckeye recipe in the world.
make them.
send some to me.
don't really.
my ass is big enough.

okay, so i baked and we have a pot luck at work today and i really have so much work to do because a certain company that shall not be named apparently hates me and wants to make my life a living hell, so i have reports for an entire year to get done. said company that hates me waited until 2 days ago to inform me that the reports have been wrong the entire year i've been working on them. i think the company is a bunch of fucking pricks who could have told me this information i dunno.... 9 months ago?!?!?!?! but who am i to go an get all logical on said company?!?! ugh.

so yeah. i swear i had something else juicy to tell you, but i think my brain is full of peanut butter.


Ali said...

now send some of them to me.
(ps. the pecan is to cover up the hole made from the tootpick. it's purely for decoartion. and i always pick them off. hahah)

jennster said...

i just put an extra dollop of chocolate to cover the hole!

Alison said...

Okay, YUM.

Ali said...

also...clearly i can't spell for shit.

carrie said...

My backside got bigger just looking at those!

They look delicious!

Cole said...

I'm afraid you may've just strong armed me into making these. When I have to return my newly sized-down jeans for newly sized-up ones, I'll blame you.

Smartass Milf said...

I'll send you some home made fudge if you send me some of those delicious treats. I love the holidays but my ass doesn't.