Tuesday, December 02, 2008

britney's circus

i bought brit's new cd this morning.... yes, i love britney. you can suck it cause i think she rocks. the only time i refused to buy one of her cd's was the last one. she was way too fucking crazy and totally off her rocker. i couldn't support her. i couldn't give her money when she was that out of control. seriously. i'm super moral like that. ha

but now- NOW!!!! her new cd is super fun and kinda dancey, but.... there are some songs on there where her voice is really different and the tone doesn't sound like her normal voice. and they sound awesome, but i was driving thinking to myself "omg, how is she going to sing like this in concert?! i mean, she probably can't make her voice do this naturally and it's probably all studio adjusted, so is she just going to sing in her natural pitch... " and then it hit me. DUMBASS. she doesn't sing live in her concerts! god, i'm so stupid sometimes. she'll just lip sync, dur.

speaking of lip syncing... if she's going to continue doing this because she can't sing and dance at the same time (or really sing)... she's going to need to step up her dance performance. what is with her lately?! she barely dances in womanizer, or circus. it's weird. she does a lot of walking and some very simple dance moves, but it's almost like she lacks all confidence. she doesn't have the fierceness i've grown to love when watching britney dance. she moves without her normal ownage of the stage. i want the old confident britney back. watching her dance was like watching a dog eat peanut butter. fun. and entertaining. so i hope she gets whatever is missing back. i feel like her rehearsals are more fierce and hot than her live performances..... which is just wrong all over.

come on britney. get fierce. dance your ass off! bring it!


Kelly said...


miss m said...

I was wondering the same thing about her new dance moves. She seems lost, or something? It's just not the same Britney. Yet!

Karen Sugarpants said...

I love her though. But she makes me wanna do situps 24/7 for the next 56 years.

Andie said...

did you see her special on mtv the other night? she really looks like she's being monitored closely by her family.

and, hey, if you want to see her on tour, she's kicking it off here, in new orleans! you should come down and go to her concert here. :)

Delusional Girl Ruby Soho said...

Dude, I love me some Brit! But I agree she should step up the dancing, cause the new stuff seems lame.