Monday, December 08, 2008

blogland giveaway round up!

hi everyone! it's definitely holiday time in blogland! there are so many giveaways currently going on out there, that i thought it would be kinda cool to have them all in one place! so i'm going to list all the ones that i know about, and if you know of any others, please post them in the comments section and i'll add them here! sound good? i thought so!

so off to contest-land! and good luck everyone!!!

there is a HUGE HP giveaway currently going on on 50 different blogs, during various timeframes.. the lovely MOOSH currently has her contest running now! i think it ends tomorrow, so hurry up! she also has a link to all the other blogs participating in the contest. you'll have to visit them to see if they have their contest up yet, or when it starts!

the amazing suebob (aka red stapler) has the best contest ever going on! it's the ugly sweater contest! post a picture of your ugliest sweater and win a $50 dollar gift card!!

sweatpantsmom is having a video game giveaway over at her blog! who doesn't want more reasons to keep your kid out of your hair?!?!!

mom-e-centric is having a 12 days of christmas giveaway each day, for 12 days! head on over today to see what's on the list!

did you know that we have some hot bloggers in blogland? well we do. and apparently they're on a calendar (i'm tempted to make the hot blogger reject calendar). dawniemom is giving one away at her blog! go now!

mothergoosemouse is giving away a WII and WII fit!!!!!!!! awesome right?!?!! go get you some fitness!

mommypie is giving away a pair of crocs! like those shoes? then go win em!

dirt & noise has a couple free giveaways currently running! one is a build-a-bear! awww..

lori at a cowboys wife is ALWAYS giving stuff away! she is currently giving away a $500 suckmart gift card. i'd enter, but i hate fartmart so much, i wouldn't spend free money there. lol. but i understand if you would. i'm just a bitch like that.

oooh, a $50 dollar gift card! I WANT THAT, so don't enter. or i guess you can. sheri is giving one away here!

mom central is having a bunch of giveaways too! all sorts of fun stuff!


Sheri said...

Hi. I saw you tweet about this, great list. I am having a couple of giveaways. On my personal blog, enter to win a $50 Target GC

On my review blog:
Jen Lemen Trust Notes giveaway

Chookooloonks print giveaway

Thanks for including my givaways!

A Cowboy's Wife said...

Yeah...and I'm totally gonna add my COOL ASS lunchbags here too!

but thanks for the link:) heehee

Joe said...

I come here just for the posts, and there's now a chance that I can win stuff! Amazing...

mothergoosemouse said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Did I ever tell you that you're my favorite whore?

Chris said...

OK, sign me up for all of them, cause I'm lazy. M'kay? Thanks! Heh