Wednesday, November 19, 2008

mentally i'm about what... 15?

i went from not knowing what twilight was (or knowing, but it not sounding interesting enough to really care) to GOING TO SEE THE FREAKING MOVIE TOMORROW NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! yeah. you heard me. i'm going to a midnight showing of twilight with some girlies from work.

i'm ridiculously excited. probably the same way some 13 year old somewhere is excited for the same thing. my maturity astounds me daily. really. my son (not to mention my husband) must be so proud. it will be awesome when blake and i are the same age together. that should be fun.

also, the blackberry storm comes out on friday. i'm stupidly excited for this phone too. i don't know why. i mean, i do know why- but really, it's so dumb. who cares. it's just a phone. and i might not even like it. or want it. but still, i am sitting here counting down the days for the phone and the movie. thank the goddess they happen on the same day. THE BEST DAY EVER.

omg, i really am a 12 year old, aren't i???

text me.


~*~Jenni~*~ said...

LOL... my 13-year old is going to see this Friday night. I haven't read the books yet, but she insists I need to!

Kristabella said...

I'm the same way. A month ago I was like "People, shut up about Twilight. You are adults. These are books for KIDS!"

And then I read them and was all OMGEDWARDILOVEYOU!

I'm going to see the movie this weekend.

Also, let me know how the Blackberry Storm is. Because I left Verizon for the iPhone and then this is coming out and looks like it might be cool.

jennster said...

jenni- buy them today. it will take you like a day to read it. go see it this weekend. OMG.

kb- OMGEDWARDILOVEYOU is right! lol.. team edward all the way!!!
and i will.. i am excited to play with the storm, but i'm not sure that i'll like it. we'll see. that's why i didn't get the i-phone- no way in hell would i switch to at&t. at least not out here, or in LA

Nap Warden said...

There are days when I feel like I am the LAST person on the planet that hasn't read the books:P I still want to see the movie!

carrie said...

So stinkin' jealous.

Because I am 13 too. All the way. Have fun!

Issas Crazy World said...

Still haven't read them. Even bought one and hmmm, it may still be in the car.

I am so lame that I hadn't seen the new phone. But I lurve my Pearl and won't change it just yet.

Daddy Dan said...

Grow up, you big dork! ;-)

Joe said...

I haven't seen so many women excited to see a movie since...well...Sex and the City came out.

I love the way you went from being 15 at the beginning of this to regressing to 12 by the end. I need to find something that makes me younger! lol

Kim said...

I'm taking Courtney out of school at 10:30 to go see it. Yeah, I'm way excited!!!

Kim said...

Oh and what did you think of the 4th book? I was somewhat disappointed, like she hurridly put it together just to finish the puppy. But it had it's moments.

eoin said...

look, i have a 16 year old black girl trapped inside of this body, but twilight sucks (pun not intended but definitely left now that i realize it). here is a recap for those of you who don't want to read it (and i cannot stress enough how bad these books are):
"i'm a vampire." "omg i don't care!" "you're so pretty." "no, you're so pretty." "bad vampire behind you!" "ah!" "you're so pretty."

jennster said...

nap- READ THEM!!!!! or die. loll

carrie- are you going to see it this weekend at least?!??!

issa- you are killing me. and not in an "i'm a vampire and i'm going to bite you until you're undead" kind of way either. hmph.

daddy dan- you first! lol

joe- seriously. it's pathetic. i mean, the books aren't even that good, but still. I DON'T CARE! i think it's the edward we create in our minds. RAHR

kim- that's why YOU.ARE.AWESOME! and!!!! in all honesty, i totally lost interest while reading the 4th book. i got so fucking bored and just wanted her to hurry the hell up already. i mean, as much as i like the love story, i found myself extremely uninterested in teh 4th book. le sigh.

eoin- you are just too big of a critic to enjoy crappy writing. WRITING SNOB! who do you think you are, an episodic animation writer or something?

Delusional Girl Ruby Soho said...

The fourth book was crap. I wish I was going to see it tonight, but I had no desire to stand in line for 3 or more hours in my Vampire Prom finest. I'll see it next week. So, don't spoil me, ok? Even though I totally know what happens. (I'm going to end up like the girl at Titanic "Don't tell me how it ends!")

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I've only read the first book, and (I'm sorry) I just didn't like it. Maybe because he's COLD. I want a nice WARM or better yet HOT guy! :)

I am 100% with you on the Storm. I'm begging for one for Xmas ... and have been since I first heard about them. I love toys!

PS I have an update on Joe the Bigamist today on my site. The guy is so fucked up. You won't believe it & I didn't even put all that he's done into the post.

Anissa Mayhew said...

Ok, I read all 4 books, I loved them for the sheer non-literary yumminess..I like a good easy read sometimes!

I'm still going to the movie and I HOPE I am able to actually enjoy the movie..although I have had issues with the casting from the get-go...all that badly dyed blond hair makes me gag a little.

Discursivelyhappy said...

Just saw it and I LOVED it!