Sunday, October 12, 2008

do the carpets match the drapes?

i bet i know what you think this post is about! ha! well, it's not. what is about is the new wd-40 spot shot carpet cleaner. how come whenever i see wd-40 i think of cars? no really? they are a car product right? aren't they, or am i just more crazy than usual?

regardless, this stuff is the bomb! i wanted to try this product because when we moved into our house, the carpet downstairs was icky. and after we got all of our under the house work done, the workers had trampled all over the icky carpet and made even ickier. there are mud spots and stains all over the place down there. i figured that was where i wanted to try this product the most- cause we all know that it isn't THAT difficult to get out fresh stains, you know? (speaking of fresh stains, blake spilled some dippin dots all over the carpet. they were flourescent blue and pink and i had fucking blue dots all over the place. the wd-40 spot shot took them RIGHT out. it's like they were never there).

so i went to work downstairs- working on stains that i know have at least been on that carpet for 9 months (but most likely more). i sprayed and scrubbed. sprayed and scrubbed. sprayed and scrubbed. the stains almost came all the way out. see my before and after pics below.
stain before stain after

stain2 before stain2 after

if i had one complaint about this product- it would be that it left my carpet cleaner than it was. all the spots of carpet that i cleaned made the non-stained parts brighter, cleaner and now the rest of the carpet looks like crap! HA! that's not a bad complaint if you ask me. :) do you think it would be wrong to pour the entire bottle all over the carpet and attempt to scrub the whole thing?
and yes, this is just one of many ways i spend my sunday. more on that later...
this post brought to you by my awesomely stained carpet, and mom central.


steenky bee said...

I'm a little bit relieved and disappointed all at once. I'm glad that the carpet and drapes was about real carpet. It's Sunday after all. But I really was hoping to hear something dirty.

carrie said...

OMG! But, does it smell like WD-40? Because if it did, I would buy a case of it and spot clean my carpets till the sun went down.

I love the way that stuff smells.

Ok, crazy checking out now. :)

Heinous said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who loves the smell of WD-40. I'll have to go make a spot now so I can test it. Wait, that sounds wrongish...

aprylsantics said...

My dad is in the carpet business and I worked in it a bit myself. From the looks of the picture, you have a berber that is made of polypropoline or olefin (same thing). You can actually use water with regular bleach on it and it won't affect the color (olefin is dyed while it's in a liquid state, so the color is throughout the fibers, not just on top) Hope that helps.

BTW, whats with that person above me?