Friday, October 10, 2008

bloggers who can do no wrong

a conversation i am having elsewhere in blogland has inspired this post. it's about other bloggers and their "fans." fans? that's kind of a crappy word cause it makes it seem as though you are less than the person whose blog you enjoy reading.

anyway, when you really like a blogger and their blog- do you feel it necessary to agree with everything they write? support them no matter what? and when they do write something completely fucked up, and you know it's completely fucked up- do you comment and agree with them, or do you say nothing? or do you dare break all the unspoken rules of blogland and call them out on it and publicly disagree with them?

it's an interesting question really because some of the bloggers out there who have this really crazed like following can do no wrong by these people. they could blog about eating babies and someone would comment about how healthy it is. or how at least it's all natural. you know? and i kind of don't get it. because would you behave like that (or do you) in real life? if your friend is doing something crazy, don't you tell them? or do you pat them on the back and tell them that the crazy shit is totally funny and awesome and to carry on- hell, do it more!?! i just don't get why blogging is any different? do you?


Ali said...

most of the time when i disagree with what someone is saying...i just won't leave a comment. especially with posts about politics. instead of leaving a comment disagreeing, i just won't comment. it's their place really to say what they want...but it doesn't mean i have to be all "yah! you're awesome! you're always right!"


ps. now i MUST know what you are talking about. hahaha.

Issas Crazy World said...

I'm with Ali. But if someone thinks they are the shit all the time and they get a bit to stuck up, I just stop reading with them.

I won't bash anyone on their site, no matter what. It's just too time consuming. I'm lazy like that.

mmmm babies....nom nom nom.

jennster said...

ali- i took out the ps- it was supposed to just be funny, but then it really insinuated something i didn't mean it too. LOL

Sunshine said...

A gal who is my blog BFF (we talk on the phone regularly but have still never met in person) had a political post and I made a comment disagreeing with her. For one thing, I think she'd have been wondering why I didn't comment and for another, I did disagree, though respectfully and we don't dislike each other because of it or anything.

There's people who do tend to worship anything and everything a certain blogger says, which I think is kind of dumb, but then on the complete opposite end of the spectrum are trolls who just leave comments to start a fight.

Blogland - it's a strange place.

Melizzard said...

I'm always careful to keep my disagreement to myself. I feel like if I disagree it might cause people to stop reading my blog and if I didn't specifically post about it then I don't want it effecting my traffic.

Okay - that sounded selfish but I guess I was just saying it straight - those are the facts.

Heinous said...

I'll comment if I thought it was way out of line. Not rudely, but I let them know. I would hope that my bloggity friends would do the same for me. I like them all and wouldn't want to alienate any. It's a good little community.

Black Hockey Jesus said...

I think people should always agree with everything I say. When they don't, I get this super flashy anger thing where I want to kill them.

Anonymous said...

Well you know that you really can't because you will be d-listed.

Look let just put this out there. If I said something to Dooce her minions would come to my blog and harass the shit out of me. Then if I were naive enough to write to Heather and it pissed her off she'd print it, and then her minions would take my email address spam the shit out of it, find out my employer and make my life hell. (not me but did happen to one unlucky soul)

You cannot disagree with Dooce publicly and be in good standing at Blogher. Because as much as some try to say it's not a click it is. It's all about who ass you kiss. Notice all of Dooce's friends get paid to come speak at Blogher. Way they're boring. They also have FM do their advertising, WHY? Because they drink the Dooce kool-aide.

As so because they're friends of dooce there's this protection around them. If you dis her friends you can't be included in anything good or worth while. Heather likes to paint herself as a victim but you know first hand she's a royal beeotch. This goes for PW and the likes off. If they're popular and you say you don't like them or disagree with them, then pretty much you're screwed.

Okay Melizzard as cocky as you sound, at least it's honest. I respect honestly, even in the most braggart way.

carrie said...

I think it totally depends. Some bloggers I've *known* for a long time and who know I have different political views than them will openly welcome healthy debate and I think that is fine. We can all discuss accordingly and without ripping each other to shreds.

It's like that in real life too - you know who you can have an intelligent discussion with and who you cannot.

If I read something totally off the wall I usually just leave, and I may or may not return to see if it was just some phase or something. People are funny that way.

But these people who blow bubbles up the asses of popular bloggers just to get themselves noticed? Yeah, not so much. :)

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I hate confrontation so if I see something I disagree with I usually either don't comment or I email the blogger behind the scenes.

Personally I get lots of comments like "This makes no sense at all", "You need more/less medication", "You scare me", "Your blog is blocked at my work and now I see why", "your (sic) retarded", etc. so I think people feel comfortable pointing out my many flaws without fear of attack but maybe that's just because everything they're saying is all stuff I've already said about myself anyway. So in a strange way they're insulting me *and* agreeing with me. I don't remember what your original question was but I guess my answer is "Maybe?"

I really shouldn't be allowed to comment.

Anonymous said...

But babies do taste delicious, and they are good for you. So in that case I would agree.

Otherwise, I say speak up. Most people realize that there are other opinions out there. And if they can't take a little disagreement, then they are in the wrong forum for their opinions.

P.S. I hope I never run afoul of BHJ's flashy anger thing. Jesus, that sounds scary.

Anonymous said...

P.P.S. And now I can't believe my lame comment is right after the one from The Blogess. Crap.

Black Hockey Jesus said...

This post sounded passive aggressive to Jon Armstrong. And Bloggess makes no sense.

Issas Crazy World said...

If I really thought it would get me noticed and paid to blog, I'd drink Dooce's Kool-aid. Especially if it was made with babies.

Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile now. This is the first time I' ve ever left a comment...I love reading your blog......I don't always agree with you....but, just because I really enjoy it, I would never agree with you just because. In fact, I think you would appreciate the honesty of disagreeing! :)

Chris O said...

I think you should expect people to be honest but I do think that you can be honest in your responses without being hurtful. I love the different views I read about and if we were all the same, then we would just have to read our own blogs and no one elses. I think everything I write is brilliant and the few comments I've gotten are all positive (of course thats because no one reads me) But if someone wanted to rip me a new one, well come on! I think I might enjoy it that someone would take something I said seriously!!

Someone I know had to move her blog to a new one. She moved all her posts and all her comments except one. She didn't move one of mine because she didn't like what I wrote about the election. I just said, Lets just all feel the love and play nice.

So I'm sure I had some point to make here but as usual my mind is like a steel sieve and I labor under the assumption that what ever I drone on about is fantasticly interesting to everyone.

oh yeah, my mother always said, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" but dad said, "if you don't have anything nice to say, just make sure it is funny." and as Olympia Dukakis said in Steel Magnolias, "if you don't have anything nice to say about someone, come sit by me."

Angelika said...

There are blogs I read just because their insanity amuses me, but I never comment.

If it's a blog that I read because I like the person and think I could hang out with them IRL, I may or may not comment on the offending post.

But it is weird to me some of the people who read my blog who act like I'm some blogging god. Kinda creepy, actually.

jennster said...

this, by far, is the best fucking comment section in one of my posts ever. i am fucking dying. laughing my large ass off!!!!! well, not off- but it's jiggling a lot. I FUCKING LOVE YOU GUYS. you're awesome. baby stew anyone?

margalit said...

first of all, babies are too small. Now, roasted toddler...nom nom nom.

I totally know where you're coming from. I know that on a certain whiny suburban blogger's blog, if you don't fawn all over her, you not only get banned (she is HUGE on banning) but she gets her minyons to attack you every time you post anywhere. People that were totally nice to you turn on you if you disagree with her.

There are other bloggers who have long lists of comments that say NOTHING. It's all 'you go girl' and "you're the best mom evah" and you know that they're doing that to get hits because believe me, this particular blogger isn't brilliant, particularly funny, or remotely interesting. It's all whining about her kids all the time.

I guess it's not worth commenting when you know that a blogger isn't going to take anything but sychophant comments. I can't do that. I remain silent.

Stephanie A. said...

I totally tell people if I disagree and deal with the popular crowd's "consequences" if need be. Once I told Sweetney, respectfully, that there was no reason to dis Kirstie Alley's bod and my comment, along with a few others' who had said the same thing, were all deleted. Then I tried to comment under another email and because the psycho didn't "know" me, she would not publish the comment and sent me an email asking me to identify myself because she's been getting a lot of trolls. I haven't read her once since then.

And dooce, well, well all know the facade that is going on there. I don't really take the time to comment on her blog.

The thing is, these so-called popular bloggers are not presenting reality. Their web sites exude an "image" and well, if you're not real, then I can't deal with you. Which is why I choose to read Jennster, Baby!

Daddy Dan said...

Bring it, Jennster! If you have a problem with me then say it to my face! I'm a big boy. I can handle it.

I really don't think you're talking about me, I just wanted to talk some smack to you.

But if you ARE talking about me, read that first paragraph again, and this time I MEAN IT, sucka!

Dodi said...

I love your blog. I don't always agree with everything, mainly because I don't comment anywhere very much and I kind of think "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" but I secretly enjoy watching people argue in the comments sections of the few blogs I do read!
I'm not sure what that says about me. I guess I believe in karma...if I leave ugly things for someone, they might do the same to me and it might just hurt my little feelings!

Dodi said...

jeez, am I high or something? My comment made no sense. I meant that I don't always agree BUT I DON"T ALWAYS COMMENT, blah blah blah

crazymumma said...

I think it is like a real life friendship. One must tread carefully. Lovingly.

Cole said...

I'm new to the whole blog thingie, but the concept of 'fans' that just go all gushy over a blog and get cranky and protective just seems scary to me.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Did you want me to eat a baby? Cuz if you do, I totally will - but only for you! yeah, I don't get it either but I'm only 6 months into the blog world and it continues to astound me. If I disagree with someone I will either not comment at all or try to do so respectfully. I'm dinosaur old so I'm kind of past the peer pressure to be anything other than who I am.

clickmom said...

I tune into a couple of blogs because I think the bloggers are idiots, and I want to know what they are whining about presently. But I don't leave comments on them, so if I leave a comment I totally like you.

Jill said...

Sounds like this certain blogger should get on her big girl panties and get removed from her hinyness mountain for a few days. I think we are all out of high school now and if you can't express your true opinion what good is a blog....geez

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I leave a comment if I disagree. It's not to stir the pot or bash someone or anything like that. It's simply to offer another point of view or try to really understand what the person is talking about. I don't understand what people get so bent out of shape about anyway. Who cares if someone doesn't agree with what you write or write about? Is it really THAT big of a deal? If I was talking to your face I would say the same thing. Some bloggers get so worked up and then they go and make their blogs private.
Is ths about Dooce or someone else? Not sure, but I LOVE DOOCE and I say it like it is to her too!

Anonymous said...

The comments on this blog are pretty aweseome. I read like a bunch of blogs and it's pretty interesting to read what everyone is saying. I never get many comments on my blog so I don't really have anyone disagreeing with me, but if they disagreed with me and weren't too mean I think I would be fine with them commenting. However, if you are just being rude to just be rude then you're dumb. I actually wrote something on my blog about how I don't talk about certain things because even though I don't get many comments I don't want to get a bunch suddenly of people who disagree with me about certain things (politics and stuff). Someone whose blog that I read and like commented on it and was like you should just ignore those people, but I still don't know how comfortable I would be with posting something that might make people mad. That was a lot longer then what I thought I was going to write. One more thing: I don't think I would ever love and agree with everything someone says. That is dumb.

that girl (shelly) said...

mmmm, babies are delicious.

what? oh, I wasn't supposed to agree with you. whoops!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I have no problem disagreeing with anybody, but I'm kind of an asshole like that.

jenboglass said...

Is this post about my whole hatred of Grease II? Because I totally took it back two days later. You need to read me consistently or else you get lost. Sorry I offended you.

Okay, so I'm laughing my ass off at BHJ second comment cause I KNOW what that Sh*t's all about. By even commenting on that comment I run the risk of the husband of the Dooce running me over in the streets of SLC. Yeah, I live near them and I see them out and about once and a while. (They have no idea who I am).

Anissa Mayhew said...

I think there are tactful ways to express a differing opinion without rolling like a troll, you know? You can put it out there without attacking the particular blogger, calling her kid ugly and slapping her mama.

I'm just saying.

But if you're going to put yourself out there, you need to be prepared to know that not everyone in the world thinks you shit tulips.

Me? I shit daisies and i won't hear anything else about it. Done.

Karen (miscmum) said...

Hmm...maybe I have a pretty homogenised google reader but the people I like to read usually have a similar mindset to mine. Or sense of humour. So if they say something I disagree with, its rare and I'd say something offline, probably, rather than comment.

SLynnRo said...

I think some of the comments might be missing the point a tad. I think you are more talking about people who can do whatever the fuck they want and basically have their legions of fans CHANGE their minds on something just because THE BLOG QUEEN SAID SO. And yeah, wtf is up with that? There are a lot of people who seem to think they will be able to get in good with some popular blogger by becoming their puppet, which is comical and sad.

Personally, if I read something I disagree with, I usually just shut up because I figure the author doesn't care what I have to say. I personally don't usually care what my detractors have to say. If someone appears to be inviting a discussion, that's one thing. But if they are just stating their opinion for the sake of stating it, that's their right and I stay out of it. Unless of course, it's Sarah Palin devotion. Then I might have to speak up.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Oh how I want to say something intelligent, but my eyes are going cross eyed from pumpkins! Is it me, or are the pumpkins getting stronger and stronger so that I can barely even see the type anymore???

Anyway, normally I am very nice on someone's blog, as if I were talking to them in person. But, I will tell someone if they have spinach in their teeth and THOSE PUMPKINS ARE YOUR SPINACH!

Love your blog anyway.

Neurotic Grad Student said...

I'll disagree in a comment, but just like Fairly Odd Mother said, I'll treat it as if I were speaking to someone. So, would I disagree to someone's face? If yes, type out a diplomatic comment. If no, do as my momma told me to and say nothing at all.

Andie said...

I just don't leave a comment. Because there are quite a few things that people are blogging about that I don't agree with.

I don't feel right going onto someone else's blog and being ugly to them, so I just don't say anything, if that makes sense?

texas math said...

(I think I come off as a jerk with the following comment:)

Here's where I think that you're just making your point Jenn. The only thing I don't like about your blog is your comments section. And to say I don't like it is a being a bit dramatic, its not that I don't like it, but I don't have a better way to describe it.

You make a post that takes a stand...and your comments section is filled with 30 "I agree completely.." comments.

I don't ever agree with anyone completely...never...not even myself...and I'm the smartest person I allow myself to know.

I see blogs as a form of dialogue among people who may have similar interests, but when I see no one else with a differing really takes away from the fact that you've spent alot of your time taking a stand.

When I read your post I expected that these comments would now say how they disagree with you or share stories of times they disagreed with others, but in the end, they're all agreeing with your post (maybe, I didn't read them all.)

Anyway, I came here to see whats new with you...and now I have alienated myself as somewhat of an anti-fan. But we both know I'm just as much a fan as everyone else! (For real.)