Friday, September 12, 2008

LIVE birthday blogging!!!

***make sure you hit refresh.. i keep updating this bitch all day long!!!***

well kind of live!! i plan on updating this often throughout the day... so keep checking back! or else! *insert evil laugh here* i think it will be super fun (for me at least..)... so yeah.. here goes!

i woke up this morning and it was my birthday!!! i'm sorry to say (or show) that this is what i truly look like when i wake up in the morning. i think i had been awake for literally less than a minute. this picture hurt my eyes (cause you know, they had to be open and stuff). holy shit, i have bags under my eyes. why is this the first time i'm noticing this?!?!?! *dies*
UPDATE- we (by we i mean me and eoin) have decided that the bags are cause i'm smiling.. which causes my face to scrunch up and stuff.. hence baggage. shutup, i totally believe it and buy it and am sticking with it forever!
morning ster

so.. this is my tackle box.. that's what i call it. i think i've had it since freaking high school (right ali??). it holds all my makeup and yeah... after looking like what i did above, i busted this thing out and went to work (on my face). but first i showered.. sorry, no pics of that. be thankful.

don't you love how dressed up i get for work (and my birthday)? old navy tank top with gap long and lean jeans. keeping it real. maybe i should brush my hair? nah, it looks fine. put on a bra? yeah, i should definitely do that. okay, so my face is done and i'm off to take blake to school and spy on meet his new friends.
ready for work

on the way to work i stopped at my favorite suckbucks for a birthday chai tea latte (no water, extra foam). YUM. holy shit my windshield is filthy. don't look.
birthday chai

now i'm at work. more to come.... cause well... there is a birthday lunch in the near future... and you know what happens at our lunches.

just got back from a 2 hour meeting.. there were flowers! SUPER SUNFLOWERS!! the biggest i've ever seen! they are amazing and gorgeous and SO FREAKING TALL!!!
birthday sunflowers

and then all these pictures.. all over... windows, chairs, computer, walls, etc...

pop culture

red bd

mid life crisis

off to lunch!

MORE UPDATES!!!! back from lunch!!!
during lunch i tried to see what i would look like with different color hair!!! here's what i would look like with julie's black hair! it reminds me of the wig i have that is black and hot pink that i wore last halloween. remember?
what i would look like with julie's hair

here's what i would look like with rosie's curly brown hair!!! i actually like this. i mean, scary like it. i've always wanted to put dark brown lowlights in my hair. i'm so doing it one of these days.
this is what i would look like with rosie's hair!

and well, here is what i would look like if i was trish. cause you see, the pic where i tried on her hair is simply awful.
and well...  i didn't try on trish's hair.

during lunch i was also given this amazing and one of a kind drawing from a dear, dear friend. does anyone even know who kit fisto is?? well if you do, this drawing of him might disturb you. don't worry, i bring out the best in all the jedi.
kit fisto birthday

and there was cake!!! now this is a funny story.. one day when i was out to lunch with co-workers, having chips and salsa (YUM CHIPS AND SALSA) i spilled some salsa on my shirt. of course it fell right on my boobs. hence, "fiesta tits" was born. so trish got me the most awesome cake ever for my birthday today. apparently she called the bakery and was trying to get the guy to put "happy birthday fiesta tits" on the cake. he kept thinking she was saying "fiesta KIDS" and trish kept screaming "TITS!! T-I-T-S!!" embarassed, the guy finally heard her and said he got it, but wouldn't repeat it. when she went to pick up the cake this morning, this is what they wrote:
happy birthday tits

happy birthday tits. just tits. HAHAHHAHAHA

just got back from dinner. i am going to explode i am so fucking full. dinner was amazing! it was great.. now husband and i are going to attempt to watch a movie without falling into a food coma. we'll probably lose. food coma will win. pics from dinner!

husband and i went out to dinner. although this pic was the last one taken, i'm putting it first.
husband and wife

we went out to eat here!!!

and this showed up at my table at the end of the night (thank you nicole)!!! :)
dinner wishes

and now my bd is officially over in t-minus 15 minutes. it has been awesome! hope you liked it too! lol


Kristin said...

Happy Birthday to You!! In honor of your birthday, I shall wear the same thing... only um, no long and lean jeans... my ass prohibits such nonsense.

Heinous said...

Happy Birthday Jenn! Health and happiness!

Black Hockey Jesus said...

Happy Birthday!

Kristabella said...

Happy birthday, you crazy lady!

In honor of your birthday (and mine on Sunday) I'm having my birthday get together today!

Have an awesome day!

daddy dan said...

I can't believe you're a Virgo! Us Virgos are supposed to be calm, mellow people!

Happy Birthday Jennster! I'll keep checking in. Hopefully someone'll get you a car wash for your birthday. =)



AND MANY MORE.....YOU DIRTY WHORE..............:) lol..SORRY

Ali said...

i want a make-up tackle box!!

happy birthday hottie.

Grim Reality Girl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (worth shouting!)
I'm glad you were born! Those were not bags under your eyes, simply smile accentuation. Also, the tackle box rocks! Perhaps I'll have to ask for one for my big fat birthday coming up (ends in an "0" starts with a "4!")

Am I doing okay? said...

Happy birthday. Where can I get a tackle box?

Smug said...

Happy Birthday! I use Bare Minerials too! Or, at least I did before I found out I was pregnant and decided that the Wal-Mart brand was more cost effective!!

I hope that you have a fab day - it is really nice to honor the day you were born!!

Virginia Belle said...

yay! i love the candid look at the life of ster! damn, you love ya some M.A.C., huh? LOL if you look at my 5-drawer, rolling storage container (yes, i have that much make-up) it's about 60-70% clinique. :)

happy birthday, you hot piece of ass! you don't look a day over 25! WOOT!

btw, i think everyone has bags when they wake up, because we are all lying down, and our body fluids need to drain out of our eye sockets before we look normal. that's what the gravity and the coffee (or in your case, chai) is for.

Jenna said...

Happy Birthday, Jenn!!!

Those sunflowers are rockin'! Your work buds really know how to do it up!

Andie said...

Happy Birthday! You are too funny. I think you look cute without makeup!

Anonymous said...

Love PARP :-D

The Laundress said...


Anonymous said...

I love your tackle box. I love Bare Minerals. I wish I was handy enough to apply fake eyelashes.


Jill said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! JENNSTER! We Virgo's ROCK!!! You look good when you wake up BTW!!

eoin said...

don't worry jenn, 40 is the new 30!!!!

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Jenn!

Alison said...

I don't have my tackle box anymore! For those of you asking, we got them at Target back in the early 90s and they were made by Caboodbles....right, Hooch?

Happy 23rd, kid! :)

Christina said...

Happy birthday, sexy woman! So you're what now? 24?

carrie said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Missy said...

Happy Birthday, Jennster!

bejewell said...

I'm super-late, but happy birthday, anyway! Hope you had a good one. You made a very cute birthday girl!!

motherbumper said...

I'm late but Happy Birthday and I hope your non-fiesta tit cake still tasted fiesta (what a beautiful cake).

Alison said...

You called him husband! :)

Mz. Nesbit said...

Happy Birthday (plus one day)!

MelissaMM said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! did you get the bike??? did i miss the follow up post?

cute cake!

Elizabeth said...

I am the WORST BLOG FRIEND EVER. I missed your birthday!:( I have no excuse, at all, except that I totally suck and I'm really sorry. And I love you bunches and you look FABULOUS in all of those photos.

And also? "TITS"? BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Classic.

Loren said...

Happy belated B-day Jenn! You are always so special with your blogs - loved this one!

Issas Crazy World said...

aHHH Ster, happy belated birthday. Sorry I missed it, i hope it was a great one. Dam that cake looks good.