Friday, September 05, 2008

and... i smell like chlorine

there was a lunch.

there was a fountain.

there was a water fight.

trying to get eoin wet!

he will go in


apparently fountain water is full of chlorine, because as i sit in my office- it's all i freaking smell! who knew? (probably everyone but me, so don't answer that, k? thanks. unless you didn't know too, then you can totally be like ster, i didn't know either! chlorine? what the fuck man? that is weird. and sucky. and probably smelly! but like i said before, if you knew don't tell me, k? cause then i'll just feel like a dork. a smelly, chlorine-soaked, dork.)


the sits girls said...

Well, smelling like chlorine is better than smelling like some other things...At least, we think so. Cute pictures though! Everyone needs a quick lunchtime water fight in the fountain. It's good for morale, right?

eoin said...

i *obviously* won the water-fight.

Robin said... come i never did that while I was working?

Theresa said...

Your friend's boots are awesome!

carrie said...

What? That is crazy talk . . . chlorine in a fountain? I never knew.

Jenna said...

You guys have way too much fun at work.

I like your friends boots, too.

Anissa Mayhew said...

So is EVERY lunch a wet tshirt contest? Where's the booze?

**we ALL know

Loren said...

The weather looks great and it looks like lots of fun!!! BTW, I didn't know fountains had chlorine either!

Ali said...

i so wish we had lunches like this around here.... ;)