Wednesday, August 27, 2008

yogurt is gud

i love yogurt. my son loves yogurt. my husband however, not so much. so it's a good thing that the yoplait for kids wasn't for him. hmph. this wasn't going to be hard. go to the store. grab some kids yoplait yogurt. head home. force feed it to your kid. ask him annoying questions that make him want to hurt you. blog about it.

but what are you supposed to say when you love the yogurt?!?! what are you supposed to say when you're already a fan of the yogurt? are you just supposed to remind everyone how fun and yummy the yogurt is? okay. hey everyone, yoplait for kids yogurt (trix especially) is super fun and yummy!!!! blake loves it! he eats one every morning for breakfast, and also at night when he wants a snack. i will admit that blake did say that he thinks he might be getting too old for the yogurt. he thinks the trix is a little too sweet. yeah, i know- totally not a normal kid, right? but it's cute that he associates the sweetness with youngness. ha!

bottom line is we're a big fan of yoplait yogurt for kids. blake thinks it's yummy. blake likes to eat it. i like to buy it (especially when it's on sale). and now you can too- click here for a coupon for $1.50 off your next yoplait kids purchase!

this product review was brought to you by the parent bloggers network.


Alison said...

Yogurt is NASTY. My kids and husband eat it but I cannot touch the stuff. Live cultures? Hell no!

Black Hockey Jesus said...


Do I need to write this blog for you?

If you wanna be on the calendar, you need sexy mouth half open pics.

If you wanna push yogurt: Yogurt in right hand. Mouth half open. big goob of Yogurt on chin!

Are you kidding me? That's a no brainer.

Or - no, AND a pic where you've got a goob of yogurt on the side of your mouth and you're licking it off.

Jennster. I was typing this comment and laughing out loud. You have no idea how much I think your pics rock the house.

Anonymous said...

I'd be more worried about what he's doin when looking at those pictures!! :)

SUEB0B said...

You are the funniest reviewer in the world.

I was about 25 before I ever let yogurt cross my lips. Like Alison, I thought it was satanic. Now my fave is Straus Farms organic whole milk (F*** nonfat) which also masquerades at Trader Joes european style organic in the big red carton. I put my own honey or jam in it so it doesn't get too sweet like every single supermarket yogurt out there.