Tuesday, August 26, 2008

apparently i'm a hot blogger

the best part? i had no idea i was even on this ginormous list full of hot bitches, until i read moosh's blog asking people to go vote for her (i understand if you vote for her, hell, i might vote for her.. or ali martell.. or lori.. or the bloggess- duuuude, these are tough choices)... anyway, i was scrolling down her list and then there was MY name! what the hell?!?! don't people normally get notified if they're on a hot list? i mean, especially if they want votes? (because i want votes.. IT'S FOR A CALENDAR!!!! like i would be in a calendar!!! and i don't know about you but i think that's super fun and i would so totally love to be like- hi i'm jennster and i've been in a calendar bitches! i'm miss september. no it's not a playboy calendar, it's a blogger calendar. don't ask me to explain what a blogger calendar is. just bown down to the greatness that is miss hot blogger september!! and oh yeah, suck it!) so my pathetic ass has like 14 votes. which i guess is better than none, but seriously people? 14 votes is kind of sad and i'm sitting here thinking if i can only get 14 votes, than maybe i shouldn't even be allowed on a hot list... you know? cause 14 is pretty sucky. we must change this. my ass could inspire world peace if i win this! you never know. stranger things have happened.

so help vote me to hotness!!!! and tell your friends! :)

ps- i'm super far down on the list... so yeah, keep scrolling. and THANKS!!

pss- yes, i know it would be so much easier to vote for me if i was at the top like say.. a cowboy's wife.. but i'm not.. so shutup and just search for me, k?

psss- that wasn't very nice huh? if i'm mean you'll vote for someone else, like my arch nemesis, won't you? i'll probably deserve it too. do you think my arch nemesis knows she's my arch nemesis? can she only be my arch nemesis if she's aware that she is? or can i have an undercover archie? ponder.

pssss- i'm sorry for being so mean. thanks for the vote. my ass (and world peace) thank you

psssss- black hockey jesus.. your wish is my command. pics below. now vote sucker.

Vote Hottest Female!




Issas Crazy World said...

Saw your tweet on this and voted for you. Hot blogger is a sweet award.

jennster said...

i just want to be on the calendar. i mean seriously. then i could call myself a calendar girl. LOL

Black Hockey Jesus said...

I'm not voting for you until you post some hot pics of you with your mouth half open like all those Blogher pics. The ones where you look all come hither.

Black Hockey Jesus said...

Just so fucking awesome you don't even know.

I voted for you.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you talked me into it. One vote for Jennster. It's not much, but it's all I got.

Backpacking Dad said...

I tried voting twice, but it wouldn't let me. I think I voted for your arch-nemesis yesterday.

Who is your arch-nemesis?

moosh in indy. said...

Just as long as you don't bump me out of the top 6 with your come hitherness, we can stay friends.

Jenna said...

i just cast my vote...and it was for you.

Daddy Dan said...

Don't forget my wedding dress fetish calendar. You can be Mrs. September if you want.

I went over to vote for you but saw Ann Coulter on the list. Hope you don't mind.

Just kidding, Jennster. I voted for The Bloggess.

Ali said...

i'll just smile at the 6 people who think i'm hot and be on my merry way...


yer hot. i'd do you. i mean, i'd buy your calendar.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

You don't need a calendar to prove you're hot, chicky.

You're already a calendar girl.

Anissa Mayhew said...

You should just go on over to Flickr and make the All Jennster ALL the TIME calendar right now. Make the world a better place. Do it!

Angelika said...

It keeps letting me vote whenever I see this poll o a different blog. So that's 3 votes from me, whore!

MelissaMM said...

I voted for you Jenn! And it was all because of the time you flashed me at work so I can vouch for you: You're hot! :)

I'll send the link to the girls so we can boost your score up higher.