Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my friends kick ass and you're jealous of them

my trip to vegas... was... super fun! but it's not fair to credit vegas with the reason for why it was so fun.... cause we all know how fucked up i think vegas is (multiple personalities anyone). the reason the trip was a blast was because of who i was with. my friends (and their husbands) are totally fucking awesome!

i love how incestuous we all are with each other. the fact that each of us girls have more pictures with eachother's husbands than with our own, is hilarious. the best part is how all of our husbands get along. how similiar they all are. apparently we're all attracted to the same type of guy (for the most part). so it made things very easy when we wanted to ditch them at the dinner table, in the cab, or for part of the day. girls on one side, boys on the other.

my friends and i? we're total dorks. we'll do pretty much anything- like try to get jumping pictures in front of ceasar's palace while a crowd stops to watch (and then not get a picture where we're all in the air at the same time). we'll also pretty much talk to anyone, freak on total strangers from behind (without them knowing), molest eachother's husbands in the most wrong of ways (they love it), and then molest eachother in the most hottest of ways. it's just so much fun to be together, act like jackasses, and not hold it against eachother. we laugh a lot, we make fun of eachother a lot, and we take lots of pictures where we all look like fucking tools. it pretty much rocks!

the one thing i did take away from vegas? walking through the venetian and the paris made me really, really want to travel. it also made me realize that i haven't really seen or been anywhere internationally. and i want too. i want to go places. i want to see things. i want to travel. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!

this is our group, minus becky and matt. so i guess it's not really "our group" at all is it? whatever. we took a limo from the airport to the hotel cause that's how ballers roll (or maybe cause it was the cheapest).
us again

here we are trying to jump. but the remote won't work when i'm in the air trying to press it. i don't realize this until we've jumped about 50 times. and i also don't realize that only our heads are in the picture.
we are trying to jump

this is the mirror on the ceiling of the elevator. we got to the first floor, but we weren't in the picture right. so we closed the doors and took another one. then we laughed.
yay!  we got it perfect that time!

the guy grabbing my ass? not my husband
ass grabbing already

the guy she's blowing? not her husband (cause well.. he's mine).
becky wants points dipping dots too

the guy licking her? you guessed it.. not her 945

guess what? nope, not her husband. (bored yet)
he has no head. har

you get the point eh? we're dirty. it's fun.


Issas Crazy World said...

Ha, first!!!

Love the elevator picture. Just awesome.

Have to clean up keyboard now.

Anonymous said...


Alison said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun between bathroom breaks. :)

Ali said...

haha. awesome.

Missy said...

I am totally jealous.

Hmm, somewhere international, totally fun, free place to crash, how about AUSTRALIA!!!

Tracey said...

Those pictures are a riot! Looks like you guys had an all-out blast. I am VERY jealous.

Immoral Matriarch said...

LMAO - you guys are awesome. I don't have any friends who'd I'd be comfortable pretending to blow my husband. :P

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Do they sell those dirty friends in WalMart? I need to pick up some of those. Fun!

Jenna said...

Jealous over here! Your group is so fabulous.

Looks like you all made some good use out of those mini bars.

carrie said...

And just who is drinking the vodka and cranberry? Cause that it totally *my* drink!!!

Looks like you whores had a lot of fun! :)

Lisa said...

Looks like a totally fabulous time! How wonderful to have great friends like that!

slackermommy said...

OMG! You are killing me! It's not hard to get wild and crazy in Vegas.

Angelika said...

You and your jumping picture taking friends are a bunch of tards.


Julie said...

Sounds like our group of friends. We have lots of naked pictures...and friends grabbing each other's breasts and I can only imagine what a group of us in Vegas would look like.

Probably something similar to your photos! ;)

Anissa@Hope4Peyton said...

Looks pretty much like every picture of you at Blogher, but with more arm hair and cargo pants.

Becky said...

LOL i love these. i miss you. come see me. NOW.

Robin said...

Found you from BHJ's blog. Dude, I just read all your shit about Vegas. Damn, why did I just find you now?!?! I live in Vegas. Next time stay with us in our kick ass casita for free. Yes, the Strip is outrageously expensive now so come stay with us, bring your crew, save some dough, drink some water/lime by the pool, then head on ovuh to the Strip for some fun, and head on back to your rate free casita..yeah baby!

Seriously, I'm not a stalker..Come check me out, me? hahahah! I meant my blog..

CAT said...

THIS IS THE BEST BLOG EVER....I FUCKING LOVE IT. I loved being in Vegas with you even if we were sweatin' balls.

Virginia Belle said...

DANG! i hate it when you post pics like these, because it just reminds me that i still have never partied with you or met you. and i just KNOW you would make me pee in my pants.

so if we ever meet, know this right now: i will be wearing a diaper.

looks like a blast. your friends do kick ass and yes, i am a total jealous whore.