Tuesday, July 01, 2008

the post where i convince IZZY to come to blogher!

because breaking your foot is NO excuse to not come (says the girl who doesn't have to figure out how to get around with crutches and a suitcase).

if we put izz in a wheelchair, we could all have wheelchair races! can you imagine the fun we'd have racing down the hills of san francisco??? (so there might be more of us with broken feet after, but think of the flickr pics!) also, i have decided that if we all take pictures doing dirty things to her cast, it will be the funnest (and most awesome) blogher ever! who doesn't want a picture with izz and her cast?? it will be like the fanny pack of '06! that izzy, always bringing something snazzy for us to pose with!

i can also bet that pretty much all of us will help her with anything she needs. right? i'll get the beer and put it in her hand. someone else can prop her feet up on comfy pillows while another massages her shoulders. IZZY, how can you resist this pampering?!?! :)

no really, i truly hope you consider coming izz. it won't be the same without you. and your cast will only make it MORE memorable. you won't need the business cards- everyone will remember you as "the chick in the cast with that other chick with the really big butt."

plus, you're hosting a party. dur. the hostess can't bail on her own party. it just aint civilized.

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