Friday, July 18, 2008

get me off this blog before i piss myself!

that's what i said last night.. as we were riding on a shuttle that seemed like it would never end. i meant to say "get me off this bus before i piss myself" but i said blog instead. it made me laugh (but that's partly because personally, i think i'm hysterical). i swear we drove down to LA for that party. but once we got there, wow! that guy person sure has a gorgeous house. and an even more gorgeous backyard. i'm sure he won't mind if i move into his garage, or one of his little houses in the back, right? hell, he probably wouldn't even notice (although this ass of mine is kind of hard to miss).

i'm going to shut up for now and just show you some pics. it's been freaking awesome to see people i haven't seen since 2006.... and to meet new, totally hot pieces of ass.

ps- i don't have time to possibly edit all 117 pictures i took last night. so you'll get them as is on flickr. see the group here. and oh yeah.. suck it bitches! :)

this was the FIRST pic of the night. hahaha.. it's not my fault that her head lines up perfectly with my chesticles, mmmmkay? elizabeth & moi
table 4 five & jennster

WARNING! WARNING!! girl crush alert!!! i am totally crushing on this hot piece of ass. she is SO freaking beautiful in person and so dang nice. and did i mention beautiful? and SO nice? cause really. she is like stunning. and i totally think she looks like a tv anchor. and maybe if she was on my news channel, i'd actually watch it. :) ps- bitch, you make me look like a dog standing next to you. and here i thought i looked cute yesterday. i hate you. not really. suburban turmoil and ster!!!

can i have 2 girl crushes in one night? cause i do have another. ali martell is too adorable for words. and tiny. like, pick her up, put her in your pocket, tiny. and she makes my head look enormous, but i love her anyway.
thursday 095

i haven't seen her since blogher 06 either!!! me and christina in guy's backyard! she was my partner in crime for most of last night. it was funny.. and fun. we're bad. wait til tonight! hahaha
christina & ster

dana likes it! don't let her fool you! she's not really as scared as she looks. love her!! she is awesome!
thursday 004

another person i haven't seen since blogher 06... kristen .. let me tell you, she is SO freaking pretty. she glows. but that's cause everytime i see the whore, she's knocked up. she is tall. she is slender. and just has a belly. she is NOT huge like she'd like to have you all believe. i told her she looks like a fucking maternity clothes model. you know, one who is FAKE pregnant. she is So pretty and i don't even think she knows it... or realizes it. bitch, you're stunning. let me fondle you.
thursday 010

by now it's the end of the night. i have walked blocks upon blocks in the windy and cold city. i look sweaty, windblown and disgusting. lucky for missy, she looks hot. plus, she has a really charming australian accent. and here's to her making out with the backstreet boy this weekend.
missy and ster

there are so many more pics.. i'm tired of linking.. tired of writing.. tired. go look at flickr.


Neil said...

So far, you're winning the award for the best BlogHer photos!

Jill said...

Carry on ladies (using the term loosely) have one for me!!! Love the pictures!!

Alison said...

Looks like so much fun!!!! Take more pics!

Meg said...

I have not been at all jealous of BlogHer goers this year....until you started posting pictures. Damn you, I wish I was there!

Andie said...

Looks like a blast! I wonder who will come to tne Blogher in New Orleans?

Suburban Turmoil said...

I love you girl!!!!!!

Issas Crazy World said...

It's a little sick but I kinda wish I was there, just so you could touch my boobs? :0)

Lara said...

and now me too! the fishbowl girl! although i'm not nearly as hot as either ali or lindsay. but still, we can be friends, yeah?

Dana said...

DUDE! Stop this blog I want to get the fuck off.

I heart Guy Kawasaki, but I DO NOT heart our asshat shuttle bus driver. Traffic aside...he missed the road twice.

love you, whore (as I pound my fist to my chest...)

Missy said...

Aw thanks dude. You're hot. And PS backstreet ditched me. I'm devastated.

Izzy said...

Where are those pictures I asked for where everyone is toasting to me while looking slightly mournful? Hmmmm?

Elizabeth said...

What the hell, I couldn't have just smiled in that photo??! I do NOT look attractive sticking my tongue out, I'm just sayin'. But woman, you have the most spectacular ass I have ever had the pleasure to smack. You made me feel like someone really special all weekend, and I love you!!!