Thursday, June 26, 2008

stick your fiber where the sun don't shine

so you all know i think i'm a fat ass.

and really, i do want to do something about it. (thank you to both shelly and smug for recommending i signed up today, but will probably forget to go there tomorrow and the next day, so...yeah).

and since i'm a total sucker and will most likely try anything once, i started thinking- "hey, i don't think i get enough fiber in my diet!! and fiber is supposed to like, clean out your inside.. so yeah! i'll start eating fiber cereals everyday for breakfast! i'll be skinny in no time!!!!!" right. 5 bowls of raisin bran and grape nuts later, i feel like i'm dying. literally. i feel like i'm being stabbed in the stomach with numerous knives for the enjoyment of children everywhere.

so fuck the fiber. i'm not doing it anymore. feeling like death isn't worth it.

so i ask you, dear readers. what is your surefire way to lose weight? do you have one? should i be eating something i'm not (if someone says fiber so help me..). supplements? vitamins? starvation? puking after meals (so LA)... help! and thanks!


Alison said...

I'm no expert and I don't even stick to this but....I think exercising consistently ought to help. Of course you have to make good food choices too, but dieting without exercise is crap. Also, replace all of your drinks during the day with water. I read somewhere that people consume 400+ calories a day on fluids alone. And of course, snacking on fruits and vegetables would be ideal. Sounds good in theory but....pass the chips and salsa please. :)

John & Katie said...


When I lost about 20lbs 8 months ago, I was doing it with a friend. We ate good food and smaller portions, but nothing diety. Breakfast was an actual serving size of ceral (like a handful), fruit and some juice or whatever you like, but smaller portions. Lunch was something healthy, like salad (no ranch) and only eat half of it. Dinner was anything I was making for dinner, but I started using a small salad plate for my portions instead of a dinner plate. It worked REALLY well. Just a thought!

Jenna said...

I'm with Alison...Pass the chips and salsa, and while you're at it - the guacamole too, please. I just joined WW and it isn't necessarily to lose weight but to make better choices on what I eat. My friend told me it is all about "choices", too. What is it with choices? I told her I'd be better off making smart choices six days a week, and taking the seven day off to make some bad ones. That would work for me.

Smug said...

I don't think you are suppose to eat all the fiber at one time!! LOL!

The only way that I have ever lost weight is to combine both healther eating and exercise. I like SparkPeople because there is so much support from people that are struggling just like me. But really, if I have taco bell for lunch and sit on the couch after work - nothing is going to change.

I am attempting to eat really healthy 6 out of 7 days and workout 3 times per week. I feel like if I go all gung-ho, I will burn out, so start with small changes.

Good luck!

carrie said...

WATER till I can drink no more . . . like A LOT of it. Till your eyeballs are floating.

Denise said...

I'm told it takes more calories to digest a grapefruit than a grapefruit actually has, so in essence you could sit on a pile of grapefruit and starve to death. But I quit smoking 10 months ago and I can't shed the 15 I gained so I may be of no help.

Andie said...

I've been doing WW for a month now, and I've lost 10 pounds so far.

WW is weight watchers.

you get used to the extra fiber intake after a few days. LOL