Thursday, June 05, 2008

obsession is....

me. and this song.

not to mention THIS SONG!

i heart usher. i heart chris brown.

hell yeah.

swoon to the first song.. and rock out to the second.

*waves hi to my sister and nephew*

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Virginia Belle said...

ok, if you look at your statcounter, it's me. i just camped out on your blog and read the last 3 months' worth of your posts.

i suck, i know. i should keep up with everyone more often, instead of binging and then disappearing on you. but i can't. i read too many blogs and my schedule is too busy.

so here are my comments, all nicely wrapped up in one little list:

1. OMG blake hit that kid. i don't know what's better -- that he stuck up for himself, or that he felt bad after he did it. both are good things to see in a kid. it IS hard being a mom!!!
2. regarding ipods: i listen to mine when i'm at the gym. it is a lifesaver, because otherwise, my gym would be silent, and i can't work out in silence. also, if you get an ipod, you can TOTALLY listen to it in your car. you just need an ipod-equipped car (ie, a new one) or this little adaptor thingie that the ipod uses to send the music to the car's speakers -- it's magic, i'm pretty sure. my roommate has one.

3. you are not a bad wife because you don't like to clean when you get home. that whole post sounded like all the stuff my mom used to yell at us when we were little. as we got older, we helped out more. sad to say, my dad never did clean the kitchen countertops. sorry, dude. it's gotta be part of the man code or something. it's like it's illegal for them. i guess you can be glad that boyfriend doesn't care how clean the house is, right???

4. do you see how green i am? ok, you can't, because this is a computer, but just imagine i look like the incredible hulk. i am green because you are in NYC, my most favorite place in the whole world, and i am not. hulk no like small town america. hulk want big city. *roars and rips off shirt, then crashes through wall*

5. i really enjoyed catching up with you. :) your blog is hysterical, esp the exploding ball story. tee hee

6. i am not going to blogher. BUT if it was in SC, i would totally throw you a party. complete with yummy food.