Tuesday, June 03, 2008

moving announcements that are SO cute!

well, at least i think so!

moving announcement

when parent bloggers asked if anyone was interested in ordering announcements of some type for their latest review, i jumped all over it! i mean, we had recently just bought a house and moved, and i hadn't formally sent anything out yet. this was the perfect opportunity for me to get some awesome moving announcements!

i didn't know when i signed up that tiny prints was the sister company of wedding paper divas. our wedding invitations were from wedding paper divas. things just got more exciting!

first things first... i went to the website. they don't have a huge selection of moving announcements, but they had enough. they had some cute ones that combined a new baby with a new pad, but that didn't apply to me, so all of those designs were out (almost). they had many different types of designs, as well as ones you could personalize with a picture. i really thought that that was what i would want to do- get an announcement with a picture of us on it. i didn't end up choosing that one, although i can't remember why at this point.

i actually ended up playing with a few different designs before deciding on this one. the process was easy, fun and very detailed. you get to approve what your design will look like before ordering (to ensure your announcement is error free). the shipping was extremely fast. they were boxed and packaged so that your cards do not arrive at your home bent, or messed up. they were perfect!!

if i had one improvement for tiny prints, it would be that the cards themselves would come in a variety of color options. i know that at their sister site, if you click on a card you like, 3 or 4 (or sometimes more) color choices come up. so for example, the card that i chose had a blue border with white dots. while i love the blue, maybe someone else would have liked that card in green, or yellow, or pink. i would think that would be an easy enough option and honestly, i'd apply the change to every moving announcement they offer. it gives the illusion of more choices that you can personalize to suit you that much more. there was one announcement that i really liked, but since it was only offered in the color shown, that turned me off to it. had they offered numerous color choices, i would have probably chosen that one.

other than that, i highly recommend them for all your announcement needs. they're quick, easy and fun to use!!! and the announcements are durable (no crappy thin paper here) and just as cute as they look online! :)