Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i am reliving last year..

wow. today it totally hit me. these overwhelming feelings of.. OMG, last year at this time, i was planning the wedding.. counting down the days until it was here.. freaking out (apparently).. my mom was threatening my then fiance (lamest word EVER)... and i couldn't of been more excited or happier!!!!!!!!

and i miss it!!! i know it's crazy. but man i miss the anticipation.. the looking forward to it all. i couldn't wait to see all my friends and be with my family and just have a huge party. and today, i'm sitting here in my office, almost drowning in emotion. i can't shake the feelings. it's so overwhelming. i am feeling the way i felt then. the excitement is welling up in my stomach as if i'm going to get the chance to relive it all again (but with less wind). and it's crazy. this feeling is crazy.

maybe it's just because it was literally this time last year. maybe my subconscious

just totally remembers the time of year and it relives things on cycles? it's possible. you think? or am i just totally crazy.

man. i miss our wedding!!!!!!

and more laughing


Jill said...

Only been a year Jenn, of course your not crazy. Crazy in love maybe. Congrats on the first year you only have 19 more to catch up.......lol!

Alison said...

I miss it too! It was so much fun. Plan a first anniversary party and invite all of us, 'kay?

Becky said...

i miss your wedding too! it was the funnest wedding EVER.

I'm Still Me said...

It's totally possible for your subconscious to cause feelings like you have. It's great they're happy ones. It happens in grieving and such too .... wake up crying for no reason and then realize a few hours later that it's an anniversary. Bodies are weird. Congratulations on your anniversary. You look beautiful.

Angelika said...

Awwwww. Happy Almost Anniversary, you FREAK!

Anonymous said...

Nah - you are not crazy. The one year mark is momentous for me as a "Single Mom with One Child who Choose to Marry a Previously Unencumbered Single Man." We celebrated our one year by going to Disney (with Child) and having a dinner out (without Child.) The Celebration simply became an extension of what our lives are...and have been. We are still in love and happy to be able to greet life's challenges...together. Happy First Anniversay.
Best Wishes,

CAT said...


Smug said...

There was so much leading up to the actual wedding that I was just glad to have it over, but now that the 1 year mark is coming up soon, I do sort of miss it all too! I am hoping to be able to do a honeymoon type of anniversary for us, so it will be really special, but also to give me something to plan!

Andie said...

It's been almost 6 years for me, and I still miss mine.

Here's to many more years of happiness between you & boyfriend!