Tuesday, June 10, 2008

how it all happened...

so i haven't even told you how we tricked blake and how the morning went on our way to new york.

first of all, we let him sleep in. when he woke up (on the day of a field trip no less) he was like, "MOM IT'S 8:20!!!!!!!" i pretended to rush to get us in the car. boyfriend was home with us so we told blake that i had to drop him off at a meeting. as we passed the exit to his school, blake was clueless. it wasn't until we were almost in san francisco that he started asking where we were going and started to get cranky that he was going to miss his whole entire field trip. boyfriend told him that his meeting was at the san fran airport. when we got to the airport, blake was all, "just drop him off." i laughed. when i parked the car and told blake to get out, he didn't want too. he didn't understand WHY he needed to get out of the car. he wanted me to dump boyfriend off and get the hell outta there.

that's when he got out of the car and we opened the back. we started pulling suitcases out and his face was priceless. he was like.. "what are we doing?????" and he totally thought we were going to LA. HAH. we showed him the tickets to chicago and he just got really confused. he kept asking a million times WHY we were going to chicago. did we have any friends there? what the hell are we going to do there? WHY ARE WE GOING TO CHICAGO?!?!?! the only thing i could think of was that the cubbies and wrigley field was there. he seemed okay with that answer, but still not too sure why the hell we were going to chicago.

i guess by the time we landed, he had accepted it all. that's when we told him that we had one more plane to get on. that we weren't going to chicago, but new york instead!!!! instead of being excited, i think we made his brain explode. he almost broke down. i think he's a lot like me- gets mentally prepped for something and then freaks out if you change it. poor kid.

but i will tell you- once we left our hotel room at 1:30 in the morning to go get a slice at ray's... the kid was in love. with the pizza. with the fact that we could and were walking around at 1:30 in the morning. that it was warm out. that there were tons of people out. that there was a pizza place open!

so yeah. that's how we tricked blake.

and yes people, boyfriend looks miserable and pissed off in all pictures because
  • he hates having his picture taken (i obviously don't care about this fact and insist on making him take pictures with me)
  • he refuses to smile in pictures (because he is mean and nasty)
  • he doesn't really like cities, or crowds (welcome to new york)


Becky said...

dot is matts twin.

i'm convinced of this.

matt already told me that when we go to vegas don't expect him to pose for pics...ic an take as many as i want but he's not posing for any. i told him once he gets drunk he wont care. he agreed lol

Jill said...

Then there is 3 of them Becky because mine is the same way. 20 years later he still hides if I try to take a picture of him and hates cities (so now we know why he has spent all of his life in the woods)

He just said 'maybe it is the women all 3 of us are married too!" Hmmmmmmmmmmm!

As usual Jenn you rock and I can just see Blake trying to process all this.....lol!

Karen said...

Too cute. I would have freaked about about being tricked. I am too much of control freak to deal with suprises like that. I love the story.

RWA said...


You took your kid out in New York City at 1:30 in the morning?!?!?!?!?

Good grief.

Well done on the "trick," though.

Andie said...

awww so sweet!

I think I'm going up there in October. I heart NY.