Tuesday, April 29, 2008

R to the AN-DOM

dude. do you love lost like i love lost? if so, you MUST GO TO THIS WEBSITE. holy freaking crap. if this dude was asking for investors in his company, i'd buy. this is pretty much the most awesome theoretical lost site EVER. i am dying over it's awesomeness. yes, i said awesome-ness. deal.with.it. lost rules. but this site rules harder. I LOVE IT. (not to mention the fact that i hope he's right).

what type of music do you listen too? cause i'm all over the map. i am obsessed with the following songs:

pork and beans by weezer
bleed it out by linkin park
handlebars by the flobots
sexy can i by ray j (dirty ass song, but i love it)
with you by chris brown
no air by chris brown and jordan sparks
different world by bucky covington
there are more, but i'm tired of linking. lol

did you know it's almost SUMMER?!?!! god i love summer. it's by far my favorite season. i love the heat. the warmth. the beach. and i really love the idea of warm summer nights. i say idea because we don't really have them up here. it gets freezing at night, which i think sucks. i miss the nights where you can sit outside and talk or hang out, and not be freezing cold. there's something about still being warm at night that's just right in my mind. i guess i just have so many memories of growing up with warm nights that were full of playing outside, or laying on the grass, talking, etc. that's part of what makes summer so memorable for me.

there is still tons to do on the house. boyfriend and i went to town on all the plants and bushes in the front of the house this past weekend. they are GONE. sweet. but now of course, it's all barren and sad looking. at least it's not dumpy and messy looking (like it was). houses are lots of work. why didn't you fuckers warn me, and advise me to stay in our small little townhouse where we had too much money we didn't know what to do with all??? now we have no money. but we have a house. what the hell man. i want it all. houses, money, cars, ALL OF IT. i know i know- i'm a selfish bitch. so what.


RWA said...

"Bleed It Out," huh? I have been very impressed with Linkin Park's latest album.

Hang in there. Things will get better with the house.

Phoenix said...

Current addictions are Love Song by Sara something or another; I’m Done by Jo Dee Messina, Hate that I love you by Rihanna and Stay Down by Mary J. Blige. I’m like you, all over the map with my music.

Daddy Dan said...

Why should we have warned you, potty mouth??? Nobody warned our asses! Welcome to our world, sucka!


Alison said...

The only one of those songs I've heard of is the Jordan Sparks one and that's only because she performed it on American Idol a couple weeks ago. As for the others, ?? I know, I need to get with it.

Post pictures of the house!

Mom101 said...

I'm not cool enough to know any of that music but I am geeky-cool enough to go to that Lost site RIGHT NOW.

(And off I go.)

Andie said...

I love Linkin Park.

and in Louisiana, in the summer, it just gets hotter at night. Like it's hottest in the day, hotter at night, hot in the early morn. LOL

Mom101 said...

Ok came back here just to say that Lost site is spot on. Last night every theroy played out. I'm convinced he has advance copies of hte scripts.