Wednesday, April 09, 2008

the post where i revert back into a 16 year old, joey mcintyre loving, complete and total nerd

by now you've all heard that the new kids on the block are having a reunion tour, right? right.

but what you don't know.. what i've never delved deep enough into for your enjoyment... (not to mention pointing and laughing) was my total adoration for these geeks. i.loved.them. LOVED. to the point that i was certain i was going to marry joe mcintyre (you know, as soon as he met me and fell hopelessly in love, dur).

i met my high school best friend alison (she comments here) when we were in the same geometry class together. now i didn't meet her because we were in the same class, i met her because one day she wore a freaking new kids t-shirt to school and i think i cornered her, or yelled at her as she walked in the door.. i'm sure she remembers this part better than i do. but the bottom line is, i freaked on the girl- in a "OH MY GOD, YOU LIKE THEM TOO?!?!?!" kind of way. a friendship was born. not to mention stalking ideas. marriage plans. inside jokes (as much as we loved the guys, we would totally make fun of them and the things they would do, or how they would say things) a super popular new kids newsletter- BY MAIL (this was all before the internet folks). a letter to donnie's mom asking to MOVE IN, no less. no really. i think it went something like this: "hi, can we come live with you and go to college in boston?" omg, we were shameless. and serious. how mortifying.

i had pretty much everything that you could possibly buy. trading cards, posters, cd's, movies, concerts on VHS (once again, this was before dvd's), buttons, every magazine they were in, the joe doll, and whatever the hell else there was (except for the sheets. i was never really into the whole sheets thing).

once when my family and alison went on vacation together, my mom bet the two of us that we couldn't go an entire day without talking about the new kids. i don't think we lasted 2 minutes. how could we not talk about our future husbands?!?! we had SO many inside jokes that they were wrapped into every conversation. how the hell did our parents even think we were normal? i guess we should be thanking them for not sending us out for psych testing (thanks mom).

so you know what's funny? when i hear one of their old songs now (which are almost laughable cause really, they really don't sing that well..) it takes me back immediately. yesterday i heard "if you go away" and i was instantly transported to a time when the new kids flew back to the US from australia to appear on the arsenio hall show to dispell all of the lip synching rumors. and they performed this medley live. HOW DO I REMEMBER THIS?!?!? i don't know, but i do. and then i remembered that ali and i convinced our parents to let us camp out at the aresenio hall show so that we could see the show live. we did. along with hundreds of other screaming girls. and we didn't get in. we were literally like the 20th people in line i think, and we didn't make the cut. i think that car ride back home consisted of many tears and "this is so unfair! we'll NEVER get to meet them!!!" boo fucking hoo.

it's so funny how involved we girls get with celebrity boys. boys totally don't get this psychotic over celebrity girls. it cracks me up because i can remember everything we would freak over- how we would rewind certain parts of an interview, or video, to watch a face jordan would make over and over again... obsessed much? never. "loving" them was such a huge part of my life for so long it seems. but it still never ceases to amaze me how hearing or seeing something of theirs can isntantly transport me to memories i had completely forgotten about. things that are so not important anymore, completely flood my mind like they happened yesterday. it's weird to "re-live" these old parts of me.

and now that they are coming back, i went to their website expecting to laugh at their new music... i listened to the song "click click click" and..... I LIKED IT. dammit. i didn't want to like it. i wanted to laugh. i wanted to think it sucked. but i like it. shit. shit shit shit.

don't worry husband, joey joe is married now.. you have nothing to worry about.

ps- ali.. omg, how hysterical is this? i am crying i am laughing so fucking hard. what the hell???


Becky said...

lol i'm right there with ya. i wasn't QUITE as obsessed as you but omg am i ever excited about them coming back. as i posted in my blog last week!

Alison said...

See how you slid that Jordan clip onto the end of your post like that? That was your way of reminding me, again, that I may have Jordan but Joe is all yours. Oh yeah? :)

I remember the vacation. I remember your mom thinking we were freaking nuts. I remember my mom lying for us to all the kids at school....she was Joe's aunt for crying out loud?! We were crazy and I am SO mortified that you would share with the Internet that I wore a NKOTB shirt to school when I was in HIGH SCHOOL. No wonder you were my only friend!

When they come to San Diego, perhaps I can tag along with some of my students to the concert. HA HA HA!!!!

jennster said...

well... joe is married now. and didn't we make fun of that jordan video- we would always make up shit that he would be saying in his head.. "oh you like that girls? i look SO sexy i know.. let me just move my hips for you." LOL i totally forgot that we had your mom lie! she would do anything we told her to do. LOVE IT!
oh man.... this is too much

jennster said...

but becks... how old were you? like 7?? LOL

Becky said...

lol i was that young jenn! i loved them from 7-10 years old. well more like probably 7-12 years old and then they fell off the face of the planet!

Alison said...

I think Becky was probably closer to the average NKOTB fan's age. We were the losers, Hooch.

Sarah said...

Oh gawd, you just brought me waaay back! I have similar stories. I am so going to their concert if they come to Vancouver!

Sarah + Joey 4-eva!

Beth said...

Uhm. Ditto.

Meg said...

Okay so I kind of had an idea when Alison and I had a "conversation" about it, but camping out at the Arsenio Hall show?!! AWESOME!

My own form of craziness came last year at Rocklahoma when I got to see Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, and Poison (among others). I was so excited (drunk) that I kept screaming Vince Fucking Neal! Yeah, I'm cool like that.

Ambrosiality said...

HA HA HA wow the last video is priceless!!!

omg you ladies were true fans!!

then again with current technology I've helped my friend stalk a crush on facebook.

lol I just remember chris crocker the brtiney fan (if you've never heard of him be happy ) i secretly love him!)

Andie said...

oh my. brings back so many memories.

I think my favorite song back in the day was "please don't go girl!" LOL

now his voice is all deep and stuff! LOL

cat said...

there was a joe doll? pervert

MelissaMM said...

Your love for NKOTB sounds so much like mine for Duran Duran. I collected everything I could, even glossy photo books in Japanese. Freakin' Japanese!!! Cried when my fave, Roger Taylor, got married. I played "Save a Prayer" over & over on my cassette player (before CDs). Still suprised my parents didn't send me to therapy. Lordy!

Christi from HI! said...


How the hell are ya?! Christi from Kailua, HI here. If you don't remember me, you lose.

jennster said...

CHRISTI!!!!!! how i could forget you? I MET YOU FOR PETE'S SAKE, CRYING OUT LOUD!@ what the fuck?!?! how are you??? EMAIL ME!

Punk Rock Mom said...

my BFF and I took it one step further. We made wedding invitations for our furture weddings. Hers with Donnie Wahlberg and mine with Joey McIntyre. I ended up marrying a Joey. Not THEE Joey, but a Joey none the less!