Sunday, April 13, 2008

mr. manners

while we were out to dinner the other night with jeff and trish, blake attempted to tell a very non funny joke. when i say attempted, i really mean that he asked if he could tell it. we quickly responded with a "NO! it's not even a funny joke blake! you can't tell it.. plus it's gross and it's about toilets! you're not telling a toilet joke while we're out to dinner..."

to which he responded with, "it's not a joke about toilets mom... it's a joke about butts."


Alison said...

Who doesn't appreciate a little potty humor at dinner?

Can we hear it? Please?

RWA said...

Yeah, Mom! It's about butts, not toilets.

Andie said...


TeeRish said...


you've got a funny kid there, 'ster.