Friday, April 18, 2008

jennster in the airport, part 129381029312

i think that everytime i travel, i'll have to do an airport recap post. seriously, i always have so much to say after flying! lucky you.

but i'm really f'n tired, so bare... bear? bere? with me here.. yeah. okay. thanks.

have you ever stopped to think about the type of information you tell complete strangers when you're on a flight with them? seriously. i came off of my flight to burbank yesterday feeling like i had just learned this one guys i mean, i know what this guy did the day he graduated high school (packed up and moved to anchorage, alaska)... and where he lives now (boise, idaho).. and what he does for work (this really convoluted internet he will make you lots of money, you give him half, type job)... and all about his 2 kids (his son is in college and his daughter is going to beauty school)... i know how long he was married (23 years) and how long he's been seperated (1 year).. and why they split up (way too long and totally not my place to post, although apparently all the rest of this personal information is).. i know what he likes to do in his spare time (kayak, river raft, travel).. i saw pictures of his daughters gorgeous, yet enormous, first tattoo... and i saw her high school graduation picture (where she wore some seriously killer shoes)... i saw pictures of his dog when he was a puppy and his dog as a real dog (the best one was where he had a completely muddy nose, and 2 front mudded paws.. awwww)... and that's about it. but really, isn't that a lot of information to learn about someone in a 1 hour flight? he should be thankful i'm not psycho, or some crazy person- because i think people are far too forthcoming without thinking about it, when they fly.

i always think about the type of information i'm telling someone. BUT, it doesn't necessarily stop me from spewing it all out. hell, the guy who flew back to oakland with me last night knows what i do for a living, what husband does, husband's name, where we live. good god, husband is going to KILL me when he reads this. i'm an idiot huh? maybe. but i also know where he lives, and that he was down in LA interviewing for a job in pasadena (did you get an offer yet? DID YOU? DID YOU TAKE IT? TELL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!), and that he had an interview at flickr!!!! (i heart flickr, except for their videos. stupid video flickr.), and where he's from originally (beantown), and how long he's lived in san francisco (10 years too long!), and how when he moved out to california from boston- he thought that nor cal would be like so cal (he soon realized that it wasn't), and a slew of other things (i think). and obviously i gave him the link to this blog, because he promised he'd come here and tell me about the jobs, and if he got offers, and if he's going to move to southern california (which would obviously be the smart thing to do) or not.

so yeah. maybe i'm just as forthcoming as everyone else is. eeeek. are you? when you travel, do you find yourself engaged in conversations with strangers, or do you sit silently and hope you're not sitting next to someone like me?


Anonymous said...

Pasadena offer came in. Holy smokes, it's better than even I thought it would be. Need to let them know by Monday. Thanks for all your advice on the flight back Jennster - but I'm not quite sure how you feel about SF vs SOCAL. ;) I'll keep you posted!

Becky said...

lol ok i'm so not like you when i travel. i dont make convo with strangers. and if they talk to me i keep it as short as possible. thats so not my thing. but SO you. when people tell me their whole stories like that its totally unwarranted on my side.

with that said...the convo with the flickr guy i totally woulda been interested in cuz i love flickr!

jennster said...

F!!!! dude. YOU GOT A KICK ASS OFFER?? how much does that rock??? omg, move.tomorrow. lol
that is SO exciting!!!!!!! i am So psyched for you. i know you have to call flickr in THIRY minutes, but screw it. don't do it. ditch this town for some so cal sun (and hot chicks).... you know you want too. :)

Alison said...

You make friends everywhere you go. :)

Jill said...

I am with Becky, I curl up in my seat with a book or sleep (since flying and I are at best a nervous match)and face it your just a friendly person!

RWA said...

I avoid conversation like that at all costs. Thank you, iPod, for providing an instant distraction and sign that says, "Don't talk to me."

However, in those instances when I find myself forced into conversation, I prefer to make things up. Profession. Family. Criminal background. All the good stuff.

I mean, am I really ever going to see any of these people again?