Wednesday, April 23, 2008

how do bloggers get invited everywhere for FREE??

please tell me.


every blogger in the free world, but me it seems. there. i've said it.

i don't understand. i truly don't. someone explain it to me before i blow a freaking brain lobe or something.

amy gets flown around by sony to get a shitload of camera gear (not to mention video camera gear)... FOR FREE.

elizabeth gets flown to god dammed disney world for who the hell knows what- all expenses paid i'm assuming.

liz and kristen are flying out here for something- i don't know what it is, but who cares right? free flights. hotels. food. and whatever else they are getting for FREE.

then there was camp baby, camp who's your baby, camp not your baby, camp who gives a shit about all these babies... and all these things that i seem to read about from virtually everyone out there.

bloggers. getting paid to attend conferences. and flown halfway across the united flipping states. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? and HOWWWWWWW is more appropriate i guess.

am i jealous you ask? not jealous per se.... more curious. like why the fuck don't i get asked to attend any conferences? is it because i say fuck? maybe it's because i don't have a brand new baby? do you think if i consumed boyfriends seed i'd get flown to places and given free shit? i wonder..... i guess an invite to something at least once would be nice. i realize i'm the black sheep of the blogosphere, and that's totally cool with me- but what the hell man? even the black sheep needs love sometimes. love= stuff for free.


Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

I want to go on trips and get free shit too :(

Love you Jennster!

Denise said...

Me too! when you figure it out will you let us all know?

Becky said...

i have never gotten anything for free!

its cuz you say fuck.

and broke your ball.

RWA said...

We should just create our own conference.

The "RWA and Jennster say screw-all-of-the-other-conferences conference."

If you've ever been to one of those other conferences, you can't come.

RWA said...

Becky has a good point, I think. Your language is pretty strong.

Not that it bothers me, of course.


Phoenix said...

What's funny is you're going to get tons of comments from people saying, me too, me too. I think it's the paid writing gigs they do, not the free ones. But I could be wrong. Cause really, me too, me too.

Ali said...

i get invited to nothing...if that makes you feel better!

jennster said...

selfie- when i see your face, i scream at my computer, OH MY GOD I HAVE MISSED YOu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's true.

rwa- i LOVE it! but do we have to give ourself free stuff? hi self, here is a coach purse. of course it's your old coach purse, but you wanted something for free, so here it is. weird right?

everyone- we don't get invited anywhere cause we suck. LOL. and yes, i think the paid writing jobs have something to do with it.

Alison said...

You need to ask those bloggers you mentioned. They know the secret.

Meg said...

I'm with you. Big time suckage. All I've ever gotton was a small bottle of Clorox Ultimate Bleach. Grrrr.

Mom101 said...

Basically we all give good head.

Plain and simple.

margalit said...

You honestly want to know the secret? It's not too hard to figure out. I did, and as soon as I did, Blogher turned against me. You know the answer. You mentioned it in your comment response. It has to do with PAID blogging, which is such a freaking scam it's not funny. Once they get invited to one thing, then they get invited over and over again to everything. Why? Because the companies that contact them ask for recommendations as to who to invite, and of course they recommend their friends.

If you're not in with that crowd, and honestly, who can be, you can forget being asked to anything. Pretty much all of the bloggers that get the trips are associated with BlogHer or Alphamom. Not all, but an awful lot.

It has NOTHING to do with talent, or even if the blog content is relevant (I know a blogger that was invited by Ford to a conference on teenage driving. Her eldest child is 4.) It is all WHO know you know and how popular you are. The more you speak up and express your own opinions about the corruption of Blogher, the more likely it is you'll never go anywhere or do anything.

Can you say Mean Girls 2008?

Don Mills Diva said...

I have my bags packed sista.

But no one's asked me.

Sugared Harpy said...

All I know is that if you "consume" boyfriend's seed, and write about that, it would be a whole other kind of goodie bag, no?


Elizabeth said...

Margalit is WRONG when she says "Pretty much all of the bloggers that get the trips are associated with BlogHer or Alphamom. Not all, but an awful lot." I'm not a BlogHer contributing editor, although I have attended the last two conferences, and Alphamom has no idea who I am. Here's the events that led up to my being invited to Disney:

1. I went to BlogHer last year and handed out my business card to every single person that was there, or at least it felt that way. One of the people was Maria Bailey from BSM Media.

2. A few months later Maria emailed me and asked me if I would like to participate in a giveaway for Land's End. She would provide four diaper bags for me to giveaway to readers (and one for me to keep) in exchange for my writing a post about the Land's End bags. I happily said yes because I LOVE Land's End.

3. After I ran the giveaway, Maria approached me again. She had created a blogging site for Precious Moments, you know, the company that makes those little figurines? She was looking for bloggers to post on the new Precious Moments site called "Real World Moms". From getting my business card, she knew I had a cooking blog, and she asked me to post recipes on the site. No payment, just exposure for my other blogs. I said yes.

4. Maria then came up with the idea to get a bunch of bloggers together that were working on her various projects and treat us to a trip to Disney, where we would also meet with Disney people and learn about things like the new Family Suites at the All Star Resorts, and meet the Chef in charge of children's dining. I was honored to be asked.

Over the last year, I've slowly built up to where I am now. It started with one review of a Swiffer Sweeper and built from there. I joined Parent Bloggers Network, I applied for and got accepted into MotherTalk and MomCentral, I've emailed a LOT of people directly asking if they were interested in having me review a product from their company.

Margalit seems to think there is this secret society of bloggers who are making sure that only we get invited on trips and sent free stuff. That is NOT TRUE. Although I did once pass Grace Davis' email address to a P.R. company because she was hoping they would send her their product to try! Does that make me a MEAN GIRL?

Everyone who says they want to go on trips and get free stuff, here's what you do-join blogrolls, write personal reviews of products you like, on your sidebar's "About" section, write a paragraph saying what kinds of products you are interested in. Send emails to companies asking for the address of their P.R. firm. That's all I can say. I HATE that other people feel angry at me because of this.

Mama C-ta said...

Yeah I hear ya, I keep waiting for the blog fairy to sweep me off on some nice getaway! I just get pitches from Ace Hardware ;)

hollibobolli said...

you can't possibly be the black sheep of the blogosphere, when that is distinctly my pleasure.

If I had somewhere to invite you I would, but then you would be even less likely to be invited anywhere else.