Thursday, April 24, 2008

here's where i get my perspective back

of course after i wrote yesterday's post, i came across this post from lindsay.

and i left this in her comments:

"of course i read this post AFTER i just wrote a post bitching about
not getting invited to fucking ANYTHING. lol

but i do agree with everything you're saying. hell, i didn't start
blogging for free trips. i didn't start blogging for free anything. and i guess
i just forgot that part when i "compare" what everyone else, who i feel used to
be like me, is getting now. all these bloggers who i considered to be in the
same category as i am, are suddenly being offered all sorts of things that i'm
not. suddenly i feel... not left out really- but different i guess. and almost
like it's in a bad way. know what i mean?

anyway, great post.

and thank you for it."

and that pretty much sums it up.

i didn't start blogging to get free things. that was NEVER my intention. never even a part of the equation... in the slightest. hell, it never even crossed my mind that you COULD get free shit for blogging. so i guess it's all in how you look at it.

if you're blogging to get free stuff then good for you. but i'm not. and i just have to remember that when it seems like everyone else is getting invited places. and i also have to remember that some of these women who are getting these things, are trying to run businesses.. start a business... or their blog is their only income, etc. i'm not trying to do any of those things. my reasons for starting a blog were pure and simple.... and just very honest. i wrote for my grandpa, and anyone else who happened to stumble here and like what they read (which many people did and i loved that- i love you guys). and my basis for starting a blog still remains very true and pure to this day. so i don't need the free trips. or the free swag. or the free anything (except you blogspot, don't you ever change) .. cause it's not what it's about for me. and i wouldn't have it any other way.


Jill said...

And we heart you as well Jenn, that is why so many of us take a moment out of our day to read about you and your interesting life. Most days it gives me an insight into your humor which is never ending and makes me laugh and sometimes gives me a perspective I may not of thought of before.

Just like any other blog I think more people read it that comment. But be assured somewhere out there you either make someone laugh or in some way highlight their day!!

Becky said...

and we love you muah.

Alison said...

These companies are going about it all wrong. Don't they understand that they could send Jennster to Disney World, who would take pictures of herself grabbing people's boobs and asses and rubbing up on others, and so many people would see those photos and say, "We're so there for vacation next year" thinking they're going to get some boob/ass action too?

RWA said...

Well, doggonit, I guess that means we aren't starting our own conference now?

Mom101 said...

I'm with Allison.

If I were Disney and I wanted to edge up my brand, I'd be getting me some Jennster action, and how.