Friday, March 28, 2008

what happens at lunch...

obviously does not stay at lunch. random bits of lunch conversation goodness for you to chew on for this glorious friday afternoon:

"if you tell anyone that i like chili's jenn, i will never speak to you again." (done and.... )

"i better not see this on your blog." (yeah? now what?)

"it's aloha friday! 2 friday's in a row! everyone get on board!!"

"oh my god, you're laughing so hard, actual tears are coming out of your eyes!"

"we sobered up and walked in the door, and i heard "squish, squish".. and my whole apartment was flooded. i didn't get lucky that night." (to which we all responded that his first problem was actually sobering up before he brought his date home. dur)

"i love that you are wearing a tank top in your drivers license picture." (as if i'd be wearing something with sleeves in la.. please)

"when i took my passport picture, they told me i couldn't smile. no really, NO smiling."

"i would live on beer if it wouldn't kill me."

"i don't even know what i just ordered, i just kept saying yes and yes."

"i am offended by our waitresses jeans." (not like the ones IN her body. but the ones ON her body.)

"i have a headache even sex can't fix." (okay so no one really said that.. so what, sue me)

but this question DID come up.... over and over and over again...
"what the hell ever happened to scott wolf????"


TeeRish said...

I believe that sobering up comment was really responded to by ME, not by all. he really would've been so much better off had he not sobered up. a squishy floor isn't going to stop much if you're not sober.

that was fun. let's do it again.

Alison said...

Is Scott Wolf the guy from Party of Five? I think he got married to a small town girl and they're probably living happily ever after. :)

carrie said...

I dunno -- I used to love him.

MelissaMM said...

Scott Wolf married the blonde chick from Real World - New Orleans. Oh yeah, he's also on a WB show "Everwood".

Wow, scares me that I know that but would scare me more if I knew her name.