Wednesday, March 12, 2008

so far, march kinda sucks

our landlord hasn't responded to our demand letter. guess this means we're going to court. and we ARE. going to court. i'm sure he thinks we're bluffing. what a pain in the ass. and a hassle and everything else that goes along with someone just plain being a dick for no good reason. i'm annoyed that i even have to do this. take time off work. put together a presentation. he's out of his mind if he thinks i won't be asking for more money than what is just "owed." asshole.

and then i got a speeding ticket this morning. my own fault, sure- but still. THIS SUCKS. i haven't gotten a fucking ticket since i was 18. and so now i'll have to go to traffic school to get it off my record and i don't have time for traffic school since blake has baseball. and it's just another thing i have to do on top of all the other things that need to still be done (team mom for blake's team, snack shack coordinator, work on the house, pay taxes, find blake an acceptable new school to attend, find blake new after school care, find blake's new football for next year, new baseball for next year, etc)

oh yeah. and this year, we got royally fucked on our taxes. we owe a nice chunk of change because i took money out of my ira to put down on our house. boooooo

and did i mention that i have a job that is super busy and i have to travel and that travel just keeps getting more and more often? which is fine mind you because i LOVE MY JOB and I LOVE GOING TO LA, but it's exhausting. and i'm just tired. and my pillow on my bed really sucks and hurts and so i don't sleep well.

and really, could i bitch and complain more???? this is by far, my most depressing post ever. lol


Daddy Dan said...

You know you can do traffic school online, right? You can do it on your own schedule. Just saying.

jennster said...

well that will help!!!! do i have to stay online for 4 hours??

Becky said...

ugh that sucks. sorry honey. STOP SIGNING UP FOR STUFF though! morgan is like that...she signs up to help with everything at work and then buries herself into a crazy overwhelmed state. no more team mom/snack shack stuff for you k?

Jill said...

What are you SUPER mom......geeez and no you don't have to be online for 4 hours a! Own schedule although with you that might be a bit of a challenge.

(note to boyfriend she needs to go somewhere for the weekend with you and relax)

Alison said...

Can I take this opportunity to bitch too? There is pinkeye in the house AGAIN and I can't take ANY MORE days off work! I am so FREAKIN FURIOUS!!!!!

Let's both just hang in there, 'kay?

RWA said...

Good luck in court.

Sorry about the speeding ticket.

denise said...

Lots o'love your way, I hope the landlord gets it in the ass, maybe the judge will award you twice what your askin' just to make an example outa him, somebody needs to.

Loren said...

Hey sorry Jenn, you know, sometimes when it rains, it pours... and although it seems to be pouring on you, just think that it could be worse! Take it one thing at a time and good luck!