Thursday, March 20, 2008

since i don't have a laptop

this is what happens when i'm at the airport...  i wish i could live blog because things truly exciting happen and i so badly want to share them with you!  but no.  no laptop.  no live blogging. 
instead, i bring you this installment of TEXT MESSAGING FROM THE AIRPORT!!!!

becky was my victim this morning and here is our "conversation".. via text of course.

jennster says "there is this idiot girl here and her flight is at 1 pm. so she is freaking out calling her daddy to come pick her up and she ACTUALLY said that she could not read her ticket.  i want to smack her and tell her that she better quit the dumb act cause she is nowhere near cute enough to pull it off.

becky said "kick her in the teeth"

to which i responded with "lol that goes against all i believe in.  you know how i feel about teeth!!!"

becky- "i know!  i feel the same way.  but some people deserve it."

ster- "now her neck... i have no special feelings for necks. i could kick her there."

becks- "do it!  break her fingers"

ster- "you are so violent. stay away from small children.  large ones are fine."


Becky said...

LOL i love that you blogged this.

i still insist you kick her in the teeth

just saying

RWA said...

Was she on your flight?

I never cease to be amazed at some of the things I see at airports.

Jill said...

So you both go out together when Becky is in town? Do the husbands have bail money available? You two crack me up!!!

Don Mills Diva said...

Love this - that girl so needed a kick in the teeth!

Lisa said...

YOu need to start twittering

I've recently become addicted- so awesome to be able to post those random weird moments from my cell phone....

Becky said...

jill...i've hung out with jennster twice and yes...our husbands PROBABLY should have had bail money available and ready to go:)

carrie said...

I love you both.