Friday, March 07, 2008

radio disney has this done to me

it has made me a fan of the following people-

miley cyrus (don't hate on hannah montana, she is the bomb and you know it)

aly & aj (omg, i freaking love their insomniatic cd.. songs 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, & 12 people)

jessie mccartney (i like his songs. dammit, what is wrong with me???)

colbie caillet (i think she's the only "adult" person on this list- YAY for me! i really like her song "realize")

and savvy & mandy (waiting for the heartbreak.. listen to it, it's the only song of theirs i know lol)

is it sad when the best pop/top 40 station in the bay area is radio disney? is it even more sad that i listen to radio disney when blake is not in the car?


but whatever. i have always loved me some cheesy pop artists and this is no different- except for the fact that i keep getting older and these people keep getting younger. i feel like a freaking weirdo liking songs by 14 year olds. omg, that does make me a weirdo doesn't it? lol

well there you have it. radio disney has corrupted me and turned me into a freak who likes songs by kids. great. can't blame me really. if the songs weren't so catchy and fun, maybe i wouldn't like them!!!


Don Mills Diva said...

I have a weakness for cheesy pop songs as is dark and complicated enough, why should music be?

DadGoneMad said...

Don't go into the light, Ster! Save yourself!

jennster said...

it's too late!!!!!

Alison said...

I like Hannah Montana (can I call her that?). And I like Colbie Caillet's popular starts in my toes, blah, blah, blah....

denise said...

here's to realizing your watching the big comfy couch intently and there are no children present.

Anonymous said...

Forget colbie caikket, its the guy touring with her singing back up Justin Young! he is awesome! Ster you will dig his stuff. We met him hangin out at the Mai Tai Bar in Long Beach a year ago. check him out!