Monday, March 03, 2008

my body must wait

there is this thing going around blogland where we're supposed to write letters to our bodies. i love this idea. i have so much to tell this piece of crap.. i mean, this skin. but it will have to wait until my mind is not full of mush and the rattle of dog collars at 4am.

i haven't touched my husband in what seems like years. this little furry thing keeps putting himself between us. how the hell are trish and jeff ever gonna make a baby with toby around?? lol.. seriously, toby is the ultimate buzz kill. but he's funny. boyfriend and i laugh the whole time until one of us is completely passed out.

i did lots of decorating this weekend! okay, boyfriend did all the work and i just pointed to where i wanted things to go and divided things in my head. it's looking SOOO good i almost can't stand it! :) who knew?


Phoenix said...

You guys should so make a baby. Oh wait what were we talking about?

Oh yes, my body...well mine needs to learn to sleep, but besides that I'm unsure what I'd say.

Alison said...

What is wrong with your skin? At least you don't have a skin cancer on your forehead!!

We need to see more house-decorating pictures!!!

denise said...

I think it's cute as shit you still call him boyfriend! and ditto on the deco pics :)