Sunday, March 30, 2008

is it SO wrong

that when i see this picture, i think of my bedroom?
seriously. our carpet is probably that color... and our paint is one of those blues, and lord knows i'm turning the damn thing into a freaking ad for coastal living. but i love it so much! much i can't even tell you how much joy just being in that room gives me. it's the colors. it's the decore. it's everything beachy and so me. poor boyfriend. beach does not equal him. well, i hope he likes it. lol

here are a couple of other pics i took while in LA recently. (i added texture to this picture, so no.. it doesn't look like that in real life)
lifeguard tower

hollywood and highland


Andie said...

Nope! not at all. I made up my bedroom to look sort of like a "romantic hotel suite"

I'd love to see your beachy bedroom- do you have lots of palm trees in your room?

I'm about to redecorate my upstairs guest room to make it look more "beachy" - which includes me buying some "indoor" palm trees to frame the bed. :)

How are you liking your rebel? I've been meaning to ask you about that.

Denise said...

ahhh, now if only my beach were as warm as your beach I'd be in some serious heaven.

Ambrosiality said...

lol when I saw that picture I though of Bay Watch!

norcalgirl28 said...

I'm right with you. It has always been my dream to live right on the beach and look out the window and see this view every day. There is something so peaceful and relaxing about the beach.

MelissaMM said...

You might as well bring the beach to you! Minus all the people and seagulls stealing your food.