Wednesday, March 26, 2008

hi! how are you?

no really.. how are you? how are things?

me? well i'm so busy at work that i feel like i can barely breathe sometimes and that my head will explode if i try to cram one more tiny bit of information into it.

seriously. like it will explode. into a million disgustingly messy pieces. and someone here will have to clean it up. ew. it would suck to have that job.

work is beyond insane. my head is beyond fried. my body is still thick like steak, but my husband still loves me. and well folks, that's a good thing.

i just wanted to say HI because i know some of you care. and some of you might not- but i'm still here. i'm just really busy and really work focused and it is consuming all of me (except my body fat).

so.. how are you? what is going on? TELL ME!


*Becks* said...

all i gotta say is that i miss you tons. TONS i say.

Parp said...

omg my day/week has been EXACTLY the same...and its not going to quit anytime soon....have i mentioned how much i hate being a collage student sometimes? i WOKE UP stressed this morning....i didn't wake up and then get stressed...nope skipped that part....i just woke up stressed about all the work/studying i have to do and get done by friday...2 tests all memorization....well guess i should get back to stuffing my head with information until it explodes....if you get a call telling you that parp died of an exploded head you will know why.....well i miss you and will try to call soon so i can hear your wonderful voice! ~love

Alison said...

It's crazy around here too. Why is spring break so late this year???

Meg said...

Aaaagh. Working in a tax preparation office at this time of year means that I've been super busy. So you're not the only one. I think everyone is slacking on blogging right now.

Grim Reality Girl said...

Fighting the good fight here... but still hate you for being so darn photogenic. In my next life I will be hot.... really.... Hope life slows down enough for you to enjoy it!

Andie said...

good! Take care of yourself!

Ambrosiality said...

aww [hugs] that sucks.

ewww disgusting chunks? thanks for that image =)

well I'm new to your blog, but thanks for asking! I'm unemployed, but I'm dating like its a job =)