Thursday, March 20, 2008

did you know that i'm a celebrity?

neither did i.

guy #1: "are you hiding from your fans?"
me: "huh? oh, my sunglasses? no. my eyes are killing me and i have a headache so i don't want to take them off."
guy #1: "and your fans. you are on tv aren't you?"
me: "what?? no. i'm just tired and my eyes.. they're really bothering me."
guy #1: "and you don't want people to take your picture."
me: "no seriously. my eyes. THEY.ARE.HURTING."
guy #1: "and your fans... "
me: "FINE! yes, and my fans. damn fans. they're so annoying."
guy #1: "i knew it."

moments later....

guy #2: "what sitcom are you on again?"

*gives up*
me: "it's not a sitcom, it's more like reality tv."

*puts sunglasses on and hides*


Anonymous said...

LOL That is hilarious! Can I have your autograph?

Becky said...

its because you LOOK famous! duh!

Izzy said...

You know, you kind of look like Suzanna Sommers. Maybe he watches a lot of Three's Company reruns and doesn't know they're from, like, the seventies?

Izzy said...

Sorry — typo! I meant "Suzanne" not Suzanna.

Jill said...

You are are THE JENNSTER I mean geez doesn't he get around? At least he did notice true beauty and star power! LOL!!

denise said...

you know cause your blond and beautiful and in california you must be famous.

RWA said...

The price you pay for fame.

Ali said...

whatever ARE totally famous ;)