Thursday, February 28, 2008

there are THINGS! ON! THE! WALLS!

okay so maybe it's more like there is A thing on the wall. or two. or actually 3. BUT STILL. things are going ON MY WALLS!!!!! which means, the house is actually becoming a REAL HOME! (why do i hear pinocchio in my head screaming.. "a real boy papa! A REAL BOYYYYYYYYYY!!!") it's so exciting!!! i can't wait for more!things! although we really need a fucking dining room table man. but anyway-


cranberry decorative curtains! and a curtain rod! and a pretty painting! and pretty candles!
it's coming together!


Alison said...

Love it! And I love that you're taking your time with it. Can't wait to see!:)

Daddy Dan said...

Looking good! I really like the paint color you used on the wall. Very warm.

Phoenix said...

I love the wall color and the curtains and I adore the picture. Yea things on the walls!

RWA said...

Nice painting.

Things on the wall definitely make it seem more like home, don't they?