Tuesday, February 19, 2008

sick is what i am

going home is what i am doing.

it's a wonder i lasted this long in this place. everyone and their dog has been infected with some awful cold/flu thing- most of them brought it back with them after they had been traveling overseas.

hope you all are better than i am.

ps- the sand guys? sleeping in the airport?.....




Alison said...

Feel better soon!!

Jill said...

Get Well and I am going to be on you like flys on.......until you start taking D-3!! I am telling you I have not had nothing in 3 years since I have been taken it!

Aren't they cute and they do look like they are from American Chopper.....lol!

jennster said...

what is d3????

Jill said...

Vitimin D-3 and you can order it online

Andie said...

I caught it too! I still have a touch of it!!! Right before I leave to go OVERSEAS! go figure!

it sucks, too.