Thursday, March 27, 2008

the post where we start seeing other people...

because i've watched my bloglines subscribers drop over the last year. from 90 something to 80 something... now it's down in the 60's. shit, before i know it, no one will be reading this blog. i wonder if it's because i stopped reading the 200 blogs i used to read daily? and stopped commenting? you have to stop doing that kind of thing when it starts to feel like work you know? blogging can't feel like a job. at least not for me. that's when all the enjoyment just fades away. i'm sure you can relate.

remember when we used to get 40 comments on every blog post? i do too. seems like those were the days. when people read and commented. but i'm guilty of that too i guess. i still read, but i don't always comment. hypocrite, party of 1.

maybe i'm just not that entertaining? or that funny? or truly that interesting? lord knows i'm not political enough. or green enough. and i don't tend to talk about things that matter to the world. and i'm beginning to think that you like that.. don't you internet? you like mattering to the world and making a difference. but me, see i don't. no wait. that's not true. i mean, i like to matter to the world, but i don't like reading that stuff constantly. but maybe that's because i don't read blogs for that type of information. i don't want to read about how screwed up we are. or a list of negative things that are wrong with the world and the people in it... yet here we are, living in it together.

maybe that's the thing internet.... maybe we just like different things? maybe we want different things from eachother? it's not you, it's me. or it's not me, it's you. it seems that at least one of us is already seeing other people. you're breaking up with me, aren't you?


Jill said... crack me up! The reason I started reading was because of your fresh and honest approach to life no holds barred. Your blogs are never boring at least I have never read a boring one.

It is always fun to see what you and boyfreind and blake can think up next. You don't write that much about them anymore and the fun times maybe that is it.....

I am guilty too. From here I have read others blogs but comment on few, I read Becky's everyday but don't comment often. I love to see Her daugthers smiling face and fnd out what is happening her life as well and that started from right here!

Others I do less often but lets face it you have awesome friends!

Maybe it dropped after the wedding? You did have some awesome idea's and the freaking out part was fun. I could sure relate, people just get busy. BORING you are not and will never be Jenn! LOL!

Sugared Harpy said...

I'm gonna be honest.

I read you every damn day, lady. But I don't use Bloglines or a feed reader at all. I just click to every site, maybe like an idiot, but I just never got into it.

And I don't comment on Blogger sites very often, okay I don't comment all the time any way, because Blogger makes me sign out of my usual gmail that I leave open for work and hoohaa and makes me sign into my Sugared Harpy.

Like I'm not doing now...but I do love ya!

sara said...

Hey, I'm a lurker...but rest assured..I am new this year, and you still got it, girl!

RWA said...

Are you kidding me?

I agree with the others. I read your blog because I know it's going to be about stuff that's different.

Stuff that's funny.

Don't change a thing. If people don't like it, that's their problem. I love your funny pictures and great stories.

But, at the same time, if you don't start reading mine and commenting daily, I am out of here.

Just kidding.

RWA said...

And, for the record, after reading the comment by "sugared harpy," I don't use Bloglines or a feed reader either.

I just click on each separate link in my sidebar.

Becky said...

i read everyday but i dont always comment! but its for the reasons you say! sometimes i dont have enough time to read AND comment.

i still heart you

and you SUCK at commenting ;)

Becky said...

awww jill!! i heart you!

Alison said...

How about I guest post about Hillary Clinton making a fine president and I bet your comments would skyrocket. In fact, I bet boyfriend would comment at least 40 times himself. :)

Who cares about numbers, Hooch! People are reading and not always commenting, just like you're doing. We're all still here..but don't always have anything worthwhile to add (like this, see?).

Daddy Dan said...

You're definitely not boring and I love your sense of humor. I read almost all your posts but only comment from time to time. I suck.

point45 said...

ohhhhh alison........
probably right. but that would be true for all 3 of the loosers that are running.

Meg said...

I'm not breaking up with you. But I'm suffering just like you. I know people are reading, but I miss comments in the double-digits. But I don't like to post about organic foods and presidential candidates. I don't spin my own cotton and sew little clothes for my homeschooled children.

And I read your site all the time. Sometimes compulsively. There are just days when I click to comment and then I sit here and stare at the screen and then I panick and I click away really fast before it haunts me anymore that I'VE RUN OUT OF THINGS TO SAY!

Don Mills Diva said...

I still read you - I'm still here!

jennster said...

meg- your comment just made me laugh fucking hard and loud at work. i fucking LOVE it. and that's exactly what i mean. LOL


thank you for commenting and reading, and laughing, and loving, and *prrrrrrrrrrs*

Yorksdevil said...

Who needs the internet to find out how the world sucks? That's what the news is for.

Ambrosiality said...

ha ha this is a funny post.

(stumbled in here)

I dont really read green blogs, and I'm not into the whole political blogs.

40 comments! wow, on a good day IO might get I prob 5, but I'm new, and luckily my few readers love reading about me 7 my drama =)

WOW u used to go to 200 a day!! that was a job!

Andie said...

you are a trip. I've never gotten that many comments- I only get about 2-3, if any on a regular basis. I guess I just blog for me, and if people want to comment, then, great!

And I am doing something similar to the 365 project- but I'm not part of flickr, so I'm doing it on my terms. :)

I'm glad you find time to stop by every now and then. :)

Andie said...

yeah, and I don't use a blogline thingie either.

MelissaMM said...

I totally HEART you Jenn! I'm a total fan of your blog. As I told you the last time, I read it every day but, like Meg, I will click to comment but then go blank on what to type.

carrie said...

Just be yourself. Like you always have.

Ignore the numbers, they don't define you. And just so you know, I have no idea what it would feel like to have 40+ comments! :)

And I, like the others, have you in my blogroll and I click when I can -- same as all the others I've read for the past few years! And I think it's such an incredible gift to have been a part of your life through all these wonderful changes. Don't change a thing. Just be you -


Christy said...

I'm guilty... I'm fairly new to this whole blogger thing - but started reading yours when I "met" you on the knot - planning our Tahoe weddings. I don't even know what Bloglines is - I just click on your blog & enjoy your sense of humor! Don't change a thing! :)

juju said...

nope, not breaking up......
...technically, I guess, I'm just a stalker? because I have never, ever commented around here, and don't subscribe or feed or some other third thing....anyway! I read and enjoy. often.

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