Friday, February 08, 2008

iydtwydiphy pt 2

continued. i'm a girl of my word.

  1. the gas pedal is the large one on the far right. step on it. it is your friend. so, for the love of my sanity, if there is no plausible reason for you to be driving 10 miles under the speed limit, DON'T.DO.IT.
  2. isn't the law now that if you're going to talk on your cell phone, you must have an earpiece? i realize they did this, because one cannot talk and drive at the same time. the moment your car goes from 75 to 50, i know you're on the phone, and i want to run you off the road. invest in a $10 headset, dumbass. and oh yeah, get outta my way.

i guess i only had 2 more. cause they all revolve around the fact that i need you people to step on the gas pedal. i loathe being stuck behind slow people who are going slow for no good reason (unless you're older, then i truly forgive you for just about everything.. ask boyfriend)...


Jill said...

you and husband ought to drive together......wait maybe not someone would die!

Becky said...

i can totally drive and talk on the phone no problem.

the man can not. he sucks like that

Andie said...

how about assholes that drive in the passing lane, going UNDER the speed limit... and who are not passing anyone. IRKS ME.

Especially since I drive across the world's longest bridge (24 miles) and I have nowhere to go and I'm stuck behind the assholes.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say - how much I love a girl who uses the words "dumbass" & "jackass" so frequently. I always find this to be a sign of good character. By the way - I can't wait to see you next week - OMG - its gonna be on Valentine's day, Whitney! - how special are we?!?

love - cat
and Jeff says hi!!!!!