Friday, February 15, 2008

if i was live blogging yesterday

from the airport.. it would have gone something like this...

so, i'm sitting here in the airport and there are these 2 guys to my right who look like they are straight outta orange county choppers, or some shit. they are making me laugh. they talk so fucking loud.
now they are both lying down in the middle of the airport. sleeping. feet to feet. i'm going to take their picture.
oops, i woke one of them up. he asks if i want to join the slumber party. i laugh. and decline, OF COURSE! sheesh!
the one i woke up just gave me some bandana of their store. SEE, they are totally like orange county chopper guys! but they're sand guys, or something with sand in the name. anyway, the bandana is cute... you know, if you like scary skeleton guys on your head. whatever, i'll still totally wear it.

the guys i'm supposed to be traveling with are still not here. what if they don't show up? no seriously. if they don't get here soon, we're totally going to leave without them.

ooh, that girl has super pretty hair! and that is pretty much the cutest kid ever. mom's and their sons are funny. "do you want to get a big cookie for the plane ride?" "otay!"
i miss when blake was that little. he was so dang cute and funny. now he's just big and funny.

oooh, i see one of my co-workers!!!!! one down, one to go- and we're seriously leaving soon.

uh oh, the sand chopper guy is awake again. he's asking me to email him the pictures i took of them sleeping so they can put it on their website. i can do that. and i guess he wasn't really sleeping now was he? faker face.

oooh, cookies. yum.

i bought some vitamin water, and i've never bought that shit before and i bought the one that was labeled "energy" but of course i don't look at the type of flavor it is... i take one sip, and it tastes like mango, or peach, or kiwi, or some shit i do not like. i throw it away. the whole dang thing. in the trash.

now i'm really starting to worry cause where the heck is gc?!?!?! i am going to call work to get his cell phone and find out where he is!!!!!

ok i'm back. gc did not answer his phone. i'm calling again. OH he answered! he said he just woke up! which reminds me that i totally had a dream last night that me and gc were shopping for valentine's day presents for his wife and we missed our flight!!!!!!!! now he's laughing and saying he's at the airport- OH, THERE HE IS! YAY!!!!!!!

phew. the gang's all here.

gc just asked if he has time to get a coffee. i told him yes, but now we're boarding the plane. and he's getting coffee. lol... the best part was, when i sat down in the plane, i got a text that said "where did you all go???" HAHAHHAA.. oh man. poor gc.


Becky said...

LOL good lord woman

Alison said...

You definitely do not need any vitamin water/enegy whatever.

Jill said...

you have such interesting things happen in airports....maybe I should fly more. What happened to the sand guys?

Dana J. Tuszke said...

Oh my golly. Which airport were you in?

denise said...

I want to see the pictures, and the bandana too!

Meg said...

I was hoping you would post the pictures of the sand guys! I've got a picture of two hammered guys passed out under their truck at Rocklahoma last year. Maybe we could make a random people photo album!

Daisy said...

But did he (and his coffee) make the flight?