Friday, February 29, 2008

i feel like a new mom

pup-sitting reminds me what it's like to have a newborn baby in the house. you wake up for every sound. every movement. every breath. every anything.

trish & jeff are gone for nine days. NINE. and we have the pups! i barely slept at all last night because i was so concerned that the doggies were gonna freak out, or piss on our wall, or.. i dunno, get hurt or something. every rattle of the dog collar and i was up. every scratch in the carpet, and i was up. every ANYTHING, i was up.

it is like having a newborn!!!!!

the best part was blake casually telling me last night, "mom, toby just tried to pee on our wall." i was like "what? what do you mean? how do you know?? are you sure he wasn't just sniffing???"
and he goes, "mom. he lifted his leg to pee on the corner. i told him no. he stopped."

great. but really- how could you get upset at faces like these (especially toby. he looks like a grouchy grandpa and it cracks me up)?

toby (maguire)

lucy (lui)


Alison said...

You're much more relaxed than I would be. I'd be like, "Oh no, the new carpet!" Bless you heart for allowing them to be in the house. I'd be looking at them through the sliding glass door. :)

Jill said...

They will try that in a new situation most of the time marking it for their own. That doesn't mean you want that especially in a new house!! You might want to confine them someway at night like to the bedroom with the door closed or something. Small dogs can be expecially bad about that anyway.

It is hard to be mad when they are that cute............

Becky said...

aww her dogs are so cute! are they gone to that trip for flickr?

jennster said...

becks- nope, that trip is in may i think. they are on a cruise

ali- i did freak A LITTLE when lucy tried to scratch up the new carpet.. i will just give her a blankie from now on.

jill- they stay at their house during the day, and then with us at night so they aren't alone and aren't alone in our house all day. eeek.

Don Mills Diva said...

I am jealous that you get to hang with the pups - I sooo want a dog!

RWA said...

Let them pee on the wall - and I bet your opinion will change.

Loren said...

They both look sooo cute! You're a good friend for watching them! I always have to worry about where I am leaving mine on vacations.