Thursday, January 17, 2008

things i just don't understand. well, at least 1 thing.

please keep in mind that when boyfriend talks to me in the morning before he's leaving for work, i am in a dead sleep. i don't normally even remember having conversations with him, or speaking actual words, but apparently i sometimes do (even if they are lame and make no sense). like this morning:

boyfriend- it's cooooold outside.
me- what do you mean?

boyfriend- i couldn't get the door open.
me- what? on your truck?
boyfriend- yeah.
me- why? was it frozen shut??
boyfriend- yes *laughs*.. and then hugs me
me- WHY IS IT SO COLD HERE? i just don't understand. i mean, it's not like we live in the mountains or something. we're not in tahoe. i just don't get it. i mean really. WHYYYYYY? what is with the cold???
boyfriend- *continues laughing* and then leaves the room while saying "it's global warming..."


but really. i don't get it. i don't fucking understand WHY THE HELL it is so freaking cold up here. is it truly that hard to have southern california weather in this part of the state? i mean, seriously. everytime i hear a commercial on the radio that talks about california being so warm and having great weather i totally think "what a fucking lie. only half of california is warm and has great weather. the other half shouldn't even call themselves california." they should name this something else. maybe the state should be cut in half. and as much as i miss my sister and wish she lived up here with me, i know she'd hate the weather just as much as i do. i just hate being cold (unless i'm visiting and i know i get to leave at some point- then i love it! you know, like the snow.. fun to visit, but not forever). i know i bitch about the cold all the time, it is just that dammit... i don't like being cold (and i fully acknoweldge the fact that so cal DOES get chilly and cold as well- it's just not the same)... the fact that i live where DOORS FREEZE SHUT and ICE IS ON MY WINDSHIELD SO THICK I CAN'T GET IT OFF CAUSE SO HELP ME GOD I DO NOT OWN AN ICE SCRAPER AND I NEVER WILL just surprises me all the time. i'm sure it should stop surprising me at some point, but i'm also sure it never will.


Karen said...

How cold was it this morning? It was 26 here when I woke up. Is that kind of cold?

Jill said...

It is humdity really. Here it is always cold and I don't own anything really short sleeved except for t-shirts which I don''t wear until friggen July. I have what husband calls my Nanook of the north suit and I love it, all warm and cozy.

Jill Rule 1: No communication before coffee....maybe its a Virgo thang!

It was 14 here this AM what I get for living next to a friggen mountain!

Becky said...

they dont even sell ice scrapers here.


move to texas.

i hate the cold. its 47 today and i'm FREEZING. and i freaking grew up in ohio! you think i'd still be used to it. but i'm not. i expect more outta texas. i expect it to NOT be this cold!

Becky said...

and LOL at dot being sarcastic about global warming.

he and matt are THE SAME.

carrie said...

It perplexes me as well. We've had more snow these past few winters than we ever did when I was growing up (Washington, but NOT up in the mountains, try just north of Seattle)!

jenn(rebeccatjade said...

you need to get an ice scrapper.
its was so cold here today and nasty snow storm. Cold and snow suck! I want to move to So cal. I'd think their cold was warm :-)

Alison said...

It's cold here, Hooch. Damn cold. But up there, it's cold from like November through April and down here we only get it for a few days at a time. Move home. And, you can bring Point too. :)

jennster said...

hell ali- it's cold up here longer than that. it's not warm in may, june or july. we get like WEEKS of summer weather, as opposed to months. it makes me so sad

Dana J. Tuszke said...

okay, jennnster.... I love ya and all, but if you really want cold, you just come visit me in Wisconsin. I guarantee you'll be begging to go home after 10 minutes. :)

Angelika said...

You don't own an ice scraper?

Me either, LOL. I use a credit card to scrap the frost off of my windshield.

I've NEVER experienced ice that thick. But my doors have frozen shut before.

Phoenix said...

It has been 12 degrees here (Denver) for the past week. I keep having to remind myself why I moved back here from LA. I completely feel you on the being cold.

Lurker in Chiggy said...

It was -8 withOUT the windchill here this am. You get NO sympathy from me.