Tuesday, January 15, 2008

bedroom colors!

okay, these pictures suck.
first of all, because my brilliantly amazing camera (that i want to make babies with) currently wears a fixed 50mm lens. that means that i cannot get far enough away from the bedroom to take a freaking normal picture of it. hence, you get a view of like a piece of a wall.. or a corner.. or a door frame.

second- it's really hard to photograph the true color of the wall with the lighting in each room. so.... you kind of get the point. basically, i'm trying to tell you that each of these room is beyond pretty in my mind. i adore the color in all of them and can't get over it everytime i walk into the room. I LOVES ME SOME COLOR!

blake's bedroom and the master bathroom is this color:
blake's bedroom

pretty much the worst picture of the guestroom ever. the green in here is so super pretty, it makes me sing "under the sea... " everytime i walk in it.
the guest room

this is our bedroom. well, part of it. i love this blue. it's called lakeside.. or lakeview, or some shit with lake in the name. i love it to bits and pieces.
our bedroom

note the pretty window seat? i just painted it a super bright white today! it looks even prettier!
master, window seat

this is the computer room. i had to include the ceiling so you could see that we did 2 different shades of green in there. i love it. it rocks. although the darker green is my favorite and so help me paint gods, i might go batshit and paint the whole thing that dark. the upstairs bathroom is that dark green color as well.
the office

that's all for now. i did paint the accent wall in the dining room and a wall in the living room. the accent wall is a dark brown and as i left the house today, i was loving how pretty it is. i think i really prefer the darker colors because everytime i paint something light- i hate it and i think "i'd like this better if it was DARKER! MORE DARK!" which is weird right? cause i'm like a totally bright and bubbly and amazing wonderful goddess of a chick. who doesn't love dark. but apparently i do. oooooooh, scary. :)

ps- thank you to EVERYONE for all your help, suggestions, pictures, emails, etc. you are the freaking bomb and i love ya!


Jill said...

So where did you get the Lake shit blue.......what a cool color. I have some ugly wallpaper in the master bath I just have never gotten to because there was to many other things first.

Its little teeny tiny voilets with green leaves that are all run together and drives me nuts whenever I am in there.

My eyes turn crossways. I want to paint it this color as the accents are very light beige and the shower curtain cover is white lace with a picture Mt. St. Helens and a howling wolf all done in white.

jennster said...

all the paints i used were glidden (with the exception of 2)...
the lakeside is glidden.. it's sooooo perty! and the one shade lighter (casual blue) is super pretty too. it's in our bathroom and blake's room. i love it!

Elizabeth said...

Holy cow, woman, that's a lot of work! All the rooms look great, but I think I like the color you used in Blake's room and the master bath the best. Great job!

Starshine said...

Looks great! Love the colors!

RWA said...

"some shit with lake in the name"

I bet that's a big seller.

Dana J. Tuszke said...

congrats on the new house! I didn't even know you bought one until five minutes ago. I think my bloglines was broken...it never showed a feed before the one about freezing cold in California!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new house -- I am totally dripping with envy -- I love, love, LOVE the green you used and plan to paint my bedroom a color just like it.

Could you tell me which Glidden color you used?


Virginia Belle said...

OOOH! I love all those colors! especially the dark green in the computer room. good job, ster!

btw, blake's bedroom is the SAME color as my living room. :)