Wednesday, December 26, 2007

i was sick on xmas

i mean really. how screwed up is that? i woke up with the worst sore throat ever that i just sat on the couch like a pile of crap as blake unwrapped his zillions of christmas presents. i didn't even take a single picture. NOT ONE. okay, maybe one. but really, people. no pictures on christmas morning?!?! that's how you know i'm not feeling well.

thank goodness when johnny and katie came over the day before, i was feeling damn near perfect. you can't take gems like the ones below when you're sickly.

the group


sexay girls


Chase said...

Mr. Tango just sat down next to me when I was reading this post and said, "They look hot and bothered."

Heheh! :)

teerish said...

'ster! i'm so sorry you were sick! i hope you're feeling better now...
give me a call if you have time...want to hear about the house and if you're around later this week for some rock band. =)

Elizabeth said...

Awww sweetie, I'm so sorry you were sick on Christmas. That really sucks.

Oh, and your previous post question about how to fix up the fixer-upper house? I agree with everyone else, make a list, the most important stuff at the top, and then just make friends with a clerk at Home Depot :)

carrie said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well, it is definitely going around these parts too.

Anyway, hope it was as merry as it could be.

Starshine said...

So sorry you weren't feeling well. Merry Christmas and a speedy recovery!


RWA said...

I knew it!!!!

You two just couldn't go without taking some pictures like that. You behave with the guys around, but when it's just the two of you, look out.

RWA said...

Before I forget (now that I've read the other comments), I think we need pictures - and possibly video - of you and Trish doing rock band.

Meg said...

Oh to wear short sleeves at Christmas. I'm so moving in with you.

Sorry to hear you were sick! Hope you feel much better now.